Backwards, Upside Down, Inside Out, and Flipped Over

The following are three brief visions which God gave to us.

All of them are similar.

All of them represent what God desires to do in the hearts of His people.

All of them also represent what God desires to do in the United States of America, as His body, the church, humble itself and prays for the nation.

The last vision, the fourth one, which I will call, Flipped Over”, was given to me one half years ago.


2Ki 20:11  And Isaiah the prophet calleth unto Jehovah, and He bringeth back the shadow by the degrees that it had gone down in the degrees of Ahaz — backward ten degrees.

Isa 38:8  Lo, I am bringing back the shadow of the degrees that it hath gone down on the degrees of Ahaz, by the sun, backward ten degrees’: and the sun turneth back ten degrees in the degrees that it had gone down.

Ps 103:5  Who is satisfying with good thy desire, Renew itself as an eagle doth thy youth.

God told me that if I repented from every known sin and lived in repentance, He would turn the dial of time back in my life twenty years.

This would  put me at the age of thirty-eight.

Different physical ailments commenced at that time in my life.

God told me that He would take me to a point which preceded the commencement of all these afflictions.

He also told me that He would renew my youth as how the eagle does hers.

I believe that this promise holds for every Christian who wants to live in habitual repentance. God will renew your youth so that you may serve Him in health.


Last week at church, I saw in a vision the USA turned upside down.

It was  as in a negative of a photo. The USA was not simply upside down, but now Florida was on the left side of the map and California on the right.

God told me that by this, He will work a work in the USA that will go from its bottom, its belly, or foundation, and work itself from the bottom up. This was very encouraging.

If God is going to carry out this, it must begin first in His church first.

Are we willing to be turned upside down  so that God can work from the very roots and foundations of our life, upwards?

I know that I am.


My wife Mary, saw me in a vision as a shirt that had been totally turned inside out. This is the process that is used in bleaching or ironing a shirt.

When I prayed, I saw God turn me inside out so that he could remove the stickers that stick on your socks and are found in weeds, from the inside of my life, brush me clean, and then wash me in His blood.

Afterwards, He would turn me outside in again.

Yes Lord do this in  my life.


This vision was given to me on April 11th of last year and is self-explanatory

I just got up from my knees after praying for the USA. I was startled by the vision that God gave to me. It was a vision of America as a wheel barrow. When a wheel barrow is full of dirt a man takes it to a designated place, lifts it up by its handles and empties out the dirt. The effect of the wheel barrow lifted up diagonally and the counter effect of the earth’s gravity on the dirt inside efficiently causes all the dirt to empty itself out.

I saw the strong hands and arms of the Lord lift up the USA high from its northeast region such as from Washington DC to Maine. The country was hinged down in California so that it could not be moved from its place. When the Lord lifted up the northeast part of the country the rotation occurred diagonally around that hinge.

Everybody who did not have a living relationship with the Lord Jesus just slid down violently towards California, just as dirt is poured out of the wheel barrow. It was impossible for them to hold on to anything they had.

Those that were in the Lord but had a shallow, lukewarm, and worldly relationship were given a horizontal pole to hold on to. They had to grab on to the pole in dear life suspended horizontally in the fierce wind of the uplifting motion. The wind of action of the Lord pulled all of their clothes from them and they were left totally naked holding on to the pole. This signified that God was going to strip them from everything that was not of Him and leave them bare and naked.

Those that had a strong and committed walk with the Lord were given a seat to sit on and a thick pole in front of them to embrace with their arms. When the Lord did the heavy lifting of the northeast part of the country they were safe, secure and unmoved.

In conclusion, I am utterly encouraged by these four visions.

God is ready to do a thoroughly brand new work not only in us as Christians, but in our beloved nation as well, if we truly mean business with Him.

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