the trending church!


“The Trending Church, Jesus Goes Viral,” is a book that the Lord Jesus told me to write and publish in 2016.

The context of the book is that globally, the formats used by many of today’s churches are a distant cry from the model of the New Testament church as presented by the Apostle Paul.

This is his basic model.

  • God funnels all that He has, is, and wants to do, into the church by His Spirit.
  • These are His riches.
  • These riches are in a mystery form inside of Christ, who lives in every member of His church
  • Mysteries are the doctrines of God’s heavenly patterns of His kingdom, and counsels.
  • As Christ is revealed, these riches are revealed alongside with Him.
  • Every member in a local body has a responsibility to reveal Christ.
  • The revealed Christ becomes the object of the church. This is church’s internal growth.
  • The external growth of the church is to propel this revealed Christ outside of the church via the spiritual gifts by every member.
  • The church then becomes a center of revival in the community where it is placed.
  • Praise is produced through mankind back to God as His glory is manifested through the church.

Coming out the COVID pandemic, Jesus is restructuring the church, in these last days, to look like the church of Ephesians 5:27

Eph 5:27 That he might present it to himself a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.

Many things that we called church before the pandemic will no longer work.

“The Trending Church, Jesus Goes Viral” presents the model of the NT church, in detail.

Here are a few of the chapters

  • Jesus Goes Viral
  • The Trending Christian
  • The Trending Christian Leaves No Stone Unturned
  • The Trending Christian Becomes a Butterfly
  • The Trending Christian Doesn’t Love Planets
  • The Trending Christian Is God’s Land
  • How to Start a Trending Ministry?
  • How to Start a Trending Church?
  • Seeds of Revival in the Trending Church
  • The Young Are the Core of the Trending Church
  • The Trending Church Knows the Culture
  • The Trending Church Can’t Be Tribal
  • The Trending Church Doesn’t Pray for Revival, It Brings It
  • The Trending Church Is Purple
  • The Holy Spirit Is the Time Keeper of the Trending Church
  • The Trending Church Disrupts the Status Quo
  • The Vision Carriers and the Trending Church
  • The Trending Church Is Not Spectator Based


Paperback $ 9.99

Kindle $5.99

Even in Maasai Land Kenya, they are reading it!