The Word Ruler

 Eph 6:12  because we have not the wrestling with blood and flesh, but with the principalities, with the authorities, with the world-rulers of the darkness of this age, with the spiritual things of the evil in the heavenly places;

The term, “world-rulers” of the darkness,  kosmos krator, in the Greek, appears only once in scriptures.

The words for krator or kratos mean dominion, dominator.

Dominion is the external or visible manifestation of power which conquers and subjugates others.

The word kosmos is where we get cosmos, defining different world systems.

Paul discusses that Christians are involved in a spiritual, at close quarters, wrestling match with Satan’s unseen forces.

Paul makes it clear, that there are powerful demonic forces which are specifically designated to influence and dominate socio cultural and economic and political systems to the will of Satan.

Today, at the beginning of the third day of the fast God showed me a kosmos krator or “world ruler” of the darkness.

This demonic entity looked like a large manta ray/ butterfly.  There was a very small head upon it voluminous body and thick wings.  The body was gray.

Upon its head there was a moderately small and glittery crown.  It looked like diamonds. Its glittery effect indicated to me that the crown was fake and so was its authority. Yet, through lies, the kosmos krator effectively dominates many world systems.

I saw the kosmos krator gliding its huge wings over different parts of my body and mind. In every place which it did, an adverse reaction was triggered upon me.

God did not tell me to pull down the kosmos krator down from the heavenlies , which by the way is an incredibly dangerous thing to do.

We never see the Bible instructing us to pull down demonic strongholds from heaven, only our mental strongholds, imaginations and knowledge.

A good pastor friend of mine was found dead in an apartment in his mid-fifties. He had had a habit of doing spiritual warfare by pulling down demonic strongholds over Sedona, Arizona, the new age capital of the USA.

Rather, this morning God told me to break agreement with the kosmos krator over every area where it had ben affecting my body and mind.

When I did that, the kosmos krator left me.

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