Lord, Give Me The Big Anointing!

“Sex, Truth, Lies, Behind the Scenes,” was a hard-hitting youth event geared to caution young people on the dangers of premarital sex and abortion.

I was thrilled to see more than two hundred youths in attendance.

At its conclusion many young people came up for prayer.

I ministered to twelve.

The majority, though attending churches, had never encountered God’s power, and knew little about the Holy Spirit.

That the majority of the church is relatively ignorant to the workings of the Holy Spirit, and knows even less about how to minister in His power, is an understatement.

This is why we have launched “The Traveling School of the Spirit.”


I do my best not to touch anybody, or touch them ever so slightly, when praying.

I am sensitive about being faulted with pushing people down.

I love watching God work, without my assistance.

One boy, crumbled to the floor weeping as the Holy Spirit overwhelmed him.

A sixteen year old girl, trembling like a caterpillar in an earthquake, was magically  pulled down,  “Hey, what’s going on…what happened?”, she yelled in glee!

Another teen gawking at kids falling out, ran to me. “Hey, I want to fall!”

Shaking like a leaf on a windy day, she slumped into the arms of a friend.

I asked, “Do you want more?” “Yeah”, she said, eyes and mouth wide opened.

Then there were two girls, staggering backwards by God’s power, never touched by me.

Amazed, and with big grins on their faces, they hugged me.

I asked if they had ever experienced “The Power.” Both said no.

The evening concluded with a girl who wanted to be a lawyer.

God read her mail through my prophecies.

I shook her hand, but she had questions and would not leave.

“How are you so in touch with the Holy Spirit that you can stretch out your hand and people fall?” She asked. “How do you do that?” She was so hungry!

I detailed how God taught me NT Greek and the importance of using the Strong’s Concordance.

She said that she had seen a Strong’s Concordance.

I located a copy, sat down and taught her how to use it.

Her dad came and introduced himself to me.

I taught him too!  Both were grateful.

Kids are hungry for the supernatural.

Church and unchurched alike!

Everyone is searching for the power.

Church without it is boring.

We lived in Kenya where I  taught five day Bible seminars with the Maasais.

These are the folks with the big earrings, who kill lions, have spears, live in cow dung huts, and drink cow’s blood mixed with milk.

Twenty years ago, the Name of Jesus had not been heard among them.

Thanks to faithful men of God who diligently worked the bushes of Maasai Land there is a current unpublicized modern day revival!

Most in Kenya speak English and Swahili.

But with the Maasai this is not the case.

All of them speak Maasai, some Swahili, but few speak English.

As a Bible teacher, I teach from the New Testament Greek.

In these conferences I had a Maasai interpreter who translated me not only from the English to the Maasai, but from the Greek, to the English, to the Maasai.

He not only expounded my English to the Maasai, but my Greek to the Maasai.

Part of the audience were Massai teens.

Many remained the five days.

I was stunned.

Yes, sometimes they fell asleep, but hung through the conference and learned much.

There was no segregation between young and old.

If the American church is to be relevant, she must include the young in all that she does, through integration  in the church activities and leadership!

God is young at heart.

In many churches there  is an “old person’s spirit” because youths are excluded.

We are producing a geriatric church.

In the 1988 film “Big”, a twelve year old boy, Josh Baskin, discovered that he was too small to go on a ride at an amusement park.

He puts a coin in the fortune telling machine which told him to make a wish.

Josh wished that he could become big so that he could enjoy the ride.

The following day he awakens in the body of a full grown man, played by Tom Hanks.

Though Josh is a man, his soul and heart remain that of twelve year old Josh Baskin.

His mother does not recognize him.

Josh, now Tom Hanks, goes  to NYC.

There, he gets hired as a data entry operator with the prominent toy company, FAO Schwarz.

One day Josh, as Tom Hanks, messes around with the toys which the company develops.

The owner, Mr. MacMillan, spots him.

Tom Hank’s youthful insight into toys gives Mr. MacMillan the wisdom to hire him to test and give feedback on the toys.

Tom Hank’s advice makes the company profitable and lands him an excellent job.

Pastors need to ask God for a Mr. MacMillan heart!

The church is in desperate need of the “Big” Anointing.

If the church is to attract people to Jesus, why are the youth, the hungriest ones, staying away?

Adult church leaders needs to desegregate some of the youth church activities, discover youth leaders, mentor, and include them in their leadership meetings.

As Mr. MacMillan, astutely learned, that to obtain the perspective of what God does with young people, the most effective feedback can only come through them.

“Lord, give me The Big Anointing!”

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