A Flawed System Of Empirical Data

The stumbling block that atheists have concerning God is that they require proof of His existence.

They only accept evidence which can be tapped through the five physical senses.

They stress  scientific method for evidence.

Such method involves observation, hypothesis, experiment, collection of data and conclusion.

This is empirical observation.

If God cannot be empirically observed through the five senses His existence is discredited, they assert.

Part of the difficulty is that God is invisible.

He has chosen to remain so.

What proof can we demand an invisible being to afford?

If He is invisible should we demand visible proof?

An invisible being would give us proof in the realm in which He lives, the invisible.

Secondly, God is Spirit.

It’s clear then, that observation of God must the occur spiritually rather than physically.

The problem lies in that we have an imperfect system for the collection of scientific data which we have concluded as empirical observation.

The collection of empirical data is faulty because it omits the third part of its collection, man’s spirit.

Man is spirit, soul and body.

The empirical collection of data must occur through the tripartite nature of man.

We have restricted empirical observation to what we observe through our five senses, hence making this collection inadequate.

For empirical observation to be exhaustive, our spiritual senses in conjunction with our mind, along with the physical five senses, likewise in conjunction with our mind, must be employed.

At the fall of man into sin, his spirit which is the organ of empirical observation of the invisible God was rendered catatonic.

Communication broke with God and our spirit literally died.

Current humanity is dysfunctional.

That humanity functions with a dead spirit is its greatest impairment.

In functional humanity, the spirit is the strongest organ and the most important in the collection of empirical data.

The problem is not with God.

Negating the organ of our spirit will always conclude in deficient evidence of God.

The good news is that at the instant that a person receives Jesus Christ, his dead spirit promptly comes back to life.

The organ of collection of empirical spiritual data is immediately restored.

All evidence and proof that atheists would ever want of God becomes readily available.

I debunk the premise that scientific method can and should only be observed through the five physical senses.

This is insufficient science, flawed science.

And just because a textbook defines it to me as such, its definition has been wrong for many years.

What if I told you that I have lived a highly productive and successful life by the continual nudges of intuitive empirical knowledge originating from my spirit as my primary source of knowledge and the physical and psychological senses as the secondary?

I’ve lived the last 37 years as such and will live the next 37 like this.

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