How Does God Speak?

 All scriptures copied from the “Concordant Literal Version.”

The “ Oida” Anointing

Oida is intuitive knowledge, or instinctual knowledge. It’s not the type of knowledge which is gained over time, as when one takes a college course,

It’s the knowing, that you know, that you know, knowledge.

Oida is the “gut feeling” type of knowledge.

It knows that the girl’s dress is red, by just looking at it.

God is always speaking to us 24/ 7 by oida.

Our success in the Lord to always operate in the breakthrough anointing is to catch the flow of the oida voice of the Lord and operate from it from second to second.

All of His promises in Christ are always yea and amen.  Operating in the oida voice of the Lord must be combined with childlike trust. Since you know, that you know, that you know; your faith must be likewise. You must have a faith that anything which the oida voice of the Lord tells you, you know that you know that you know, that not only will God do it, but that in fact He has already done it.

This kind of faith make God move more, and faster than hours of intercession.

The aorist tense is the “photograph” verbal tense. It’s a photographic snapshot of a completed event in the time line of history.

The perfect tense is a completed event in the past, something that you know that you know has happened, but with its results still very lively today.

Read for yourself some of the scriptural references where oida occurs and substitute the word you know, that you know, that you know.

Rev 21:1 And I perceived (oida aorist) a new heaven and a new earth, for the former heaven and the former earth pass away, and the sea is no more.”

Rev 3:15 ‘”I am aware (oida perfect active) of your acts, that neither cool are you nor zealous! Would that you were cool or zealous!”

Rev 3:8 ‘”I am aware (oida perfect active) of your acts. Lo! Before you have I granted an open door, which no one is able to lock, for you have a little power, and you keep My word and you do not disown My name.”

Rev 2:19 ‘”I am aware ( oida perfect active) of your acts and love and faith and service and your endurance, and your last acts are more than the former.”

Rev 2:17 ‘”Who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit is saying to the ecclesias. “‘”To the one who is conquering, to him will I be giving of the hidden manna, and I shall be giving him a white pebble and on the pebble a new name written, of which no one is aware (oida perfect active) except the one who is obtaining it.

1Jn 5:20 Yet we are aware (oida perfect active) that the Son of God is arriving (eko- has reached the physical point of arrival as a Person in the Spirit), and has given us a comprehension, that we know the True One, and we are in the True One, in His Son, Jesus Christ. This One is the true God and life eonian.”

1Jn 5:15 And if ever we are aware (oida perfect active) that He is hearing us, whatever we may be requesting, we are aware that we have the requests which we have requested from Him.”

1Jn 3:14 We are aware (oida) that we have proceeded (metabaino/ a physical transfer from one place to another) out of death into life, for we are loving our brethren. He who is not loving is remaining in death.”

1Jn 3:5 And you are aware (oida) that He was manifested that He should be taking away our sins, and in Him is no sin.”

1Jn 2:21 I write not to you seeing that you are not acquainted (oida perfect active) with the truth, but that you are acquainted (oida perfect active) with it, and that no lie at all is of the truth.”

1Jn 2:11 Yet he who is hating his brother is in darkness and in darkness is walking, and is not aware (oida) whither he is going, for the darkness blinds his eyes.”

Joh 3:3 Jesus answered and said to him, “Verily, verily, I am saying to you, If anyone should not be begotten anew, he can not perceive (oida) the kingdom of God.”

Joh 3:11 Verily, verily, I am saying to you that of that which we have perceived (oida)  are we speaking ( prophetically) , and to that which we have seen  (discernment/ perfect active)  are we testifying ( giving outward evidence of what is in our spirits), and our testimony you are not getting.”

Joh 4:10 Jesus answered and said to her, “If you were aware(oida)  of the gratuity of God, and Who it is Who is saying to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would request Him, and He would give you living water.”

Joh 6:6 Now this He said to try him, for He was aware ( oida) what He was about to be doing.”

Joh 6:61 Now Jesus, being aware ( oida) in Himself that His disciples are murmuring concerning this, said to them, “This is snaring you?

Joh 6:64 But there are some of you who are not believing. For Jesus had perceived ( oida) from the beginning who those are who are not believing, and who it is that gives Him up.”

Joh 7:28 Jesus, then, cries in the sanctuary, teaching and saying, “You are acquainted ( oida) with Me also, and you are aware whence I am, and I have not come from Myself, but He Who sends Me is true, with Whom you are not acquainted( oida).”

Joh 7:29 Yet I am acquainted ( oida) with Him, for I am from Him, and He has commissioned Me.”

Joh 8:14 Jesus answered and said to them, “And if I should be testifying concerning Myself, true is My testimony, for I am aware ( oida ) whence I came and whither I am going, yet you are not aware ( oida) whence I am coming or whither I am going.”

Joh 8:19 They said, then, to Him, “Where is your father? Jesus answered and said, “Neither with Me are you acquainted ( oida), nor with My Father. If you were acquainted (oida), with Me, you should be acquainted (oida), with My Father also.”

Joh 10:4 And whenever he should be ejecting all his own, he is going in front of them, and the sheep are following him, for they are acquainted (oida) with his voice.”

Joh 11:22 But even now I am aware ( oida) that whatsoever Thou shouldst be requesting of God, God will be giving to Thee.”

Joh 11:42 Now I was aware ( oida) that Thou art hearing Me always, but because of the throng standing about I said it, that they should be believing that thou dost commission Me.”

Joh 13:1 Now before the festival of the Passover, Jesus, being aware (oida) that His hour came that He may be proceeding out of this world to the Father, loving His own who are in the world, He loves them to the consummation.”

Joh 13:3 Jesus, being aware ( oida) that the Father has given all into His hands, and that He came out from God and is going away to God,

Joh 19:28 After this, Jesus, being aware ( oida)  that all is already accomplished ( tetelestai/ perfect passive), that the scripture may be perfected, is saying, “I thirst!”

Rom 6:9 having perceived ( oida) that Christ, being roused from among the dead, is no longer dying. Death is lording it over Him no longer,

Rom 8:27 Now He Who is searching the hearts is aware ( oida) what is the disposition ( mental focus) of the spirit, for in accord with God is it pleading for the saints.”

Rom 15:29 Now I am aware ( oida) that, in coming to you, I shall be coming with the blessing of Christ which fills.” (We come in the fullness of the God’s blessing)

1Co 2:2 for I decide not to perceive ( oida) anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified ( perfect passive accusative).

1Co 2:11 For is any of humanity acquainted ( oida) with that which is human except the spirit of humanity which is in it? Thus also, that which is of God no one knows, except the spirit of God.”

1Co 2:12 Now we obtained, not the spirit of the world, but the spirit which is of God, that we may be perceiving (oida)  that which is being graciously ( lavishly and extravagantly) given to us by God,

1Co 3:16 Are you not aware (oida) that you are a temple of God and the spirit of God is making its home in you?

1Co 6:19 Or are you not aware (oida) that your body is a temple of the holy spirit in you, which you have from God, and you are not your own?

1Co 13:2 And if I should have prophecy and should be perceiving ( oida) all secrets and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so as to transport mountains, yet have no love, I am nothing.”

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