e had a meeting last night with revivalist David Walters. Rev. David,  is a precious man of God, an apostolic grandfather he calls himself. He has been serving God since the 50’s.  He loves to impart the things of the Holy Spirit to children and youth and teaches them how to minister in the presence of God.

As with other great men of God, Rev David taught me that high levels of expectation and anticipation for the imminent manifestations of God is a must in revival work.

Joh 3:8  The wind blows where it wants to, and you hear its sound, but don’t know where it comes from and where it is going. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit.”

We have no idea where the wind comes from, where it blows to, and what it does.  So is the way of Jesus with us. “If this is so”, David said and I paraphrase him, “we must approach every moment with God with the same unpredictability, unexpectedness, and suddenness of the wind.”

He said that our church services should be held within this same mind set. Many a time, we come to minister with entire service  planned in our minds. Twenty minutes of worship, the tithe and offerings, a sermon, ministry, and then departure, with little chance for the wind of the Spirit to infiltrate.  No unpredictabilities or suddenlies of God allowed.

What got to me more than anything was last night’s meeting. David’s goal was to teach kids to minister in the Holy Ghost. There were about thirty young  people from different churches present.  As he got us ready for the time of ministry, Pastor David said, “there will be no chewing of gum, if you have video games, turn them off, no texting, no talking, no getting up to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes. We are not here for ourselves, we are here for the Holy Spirit. We cannot grieve the  Spirit.”

In our lackadaisical  and entertainment minded  society, his words sounded as an affront,  almost a bit hard. I knew though, that he was right.  At that moment, the Spirit of God fell.  It reminded  me of the revival atmosphere of the 1950’s tent meetings.  The fever of anticipation and excitement arose. Every eye was glued on  David.  No one dared to look at their cell phones. No one got up to get coffee. When he called up people to receive the baptism of the Spirit with  evidence of speaking in tongues, twenty some odd came up including 15 kids.   As the Spirit fell, children wept and many spoke with tongues. Some were falling under the power.

As that went on, I went to the one side to pray for part of the line of waiting people.  I started off with one girl who could not speak in tongues. She fell under the power.  A lady came and she fell. The suddenlies of the Spirit hit.  Suddenly, people from other churches began to rush forward to get touched by the Lord. People were falling all over the place. Mothers with their little kids eagerly waiting to get touched. Long story short,  I spent several hours ministering to many from other churches; prophesying,  praying.  Many little children three, five, ten, twelve, teens coming up to get touched by the Spirit.  Most of them were never touched, and most of them fell under the power of God.  Married couples wept as God spoke to them. A family who attends a Baptist church were all on the floor under the power of the Spirit, praising God.

I learned last night the importance of not grieving the Holy Spirit.  In our Western services we grieve the Holy Ghost in so many ways. Our coming late to church,  the texting, the video games, the getting up twenty times to get food, our chatting in the lobbies, or lack of response to get prayer, our lack of attendance to meetings, our disobediences to God, our lukewarm walk, are all instances of grieving the Spirit of God. I stand guilty of some of the above. I am convinced that if we are to see revival in America, we must repent as Christians of many things that we do in our western church culture. I wish that many more would have been present at last night’s meeting. We need to stop grieving the Holy Spirit.  I am repenting already.

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