What Is Mustard Seed Faith?

Mt 9:22  But Jesus, turning around and seeing her, said, “Daughter, cheer up! Your faith has made you well (Strong’s # 4982 Sozo).” And the woman was made well from that hour.

Mr 5:34  He said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well ( Strong’s  # 4982 Sozo). Go in peace, and be cured of your disease.”

Mr 10:52  Jesus said to him, “Go your way. Your faith has made you well (Strong’s # 4982 Sozo).” Immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.

Lu 7:50  He said to the woman, “Your faith has saved( Strong’s  # 4982 Sozo)  you. Go in peace.”

Lu 8:48  He said to her, “Daughter, cheer up. Your faith has made you well (Strong’s # 4982 Sozo). Go in peace.”

Lu 17:19  Then he said to him, “Get up, and go your way. Your faith has healed (Strong’s # 4982 Sozo) you.”

Lu 18:42  Jesus said to him, “Receive your sight. Your faith has healed (Strong’s # 4982 Sozo) you.”

The word “sozo” means “to save.” We see seven instances of “ Sozo”,  which is Strong  # 4982.  Sometimes, the English translates it as well, saved, or healed.

“Sozo” is a more potent term than to heal or cure.  To heal is to reverse a condition of sickness back to its state of wellness. To save, not only covers the conditions of healing. It also comprises being delivered from the demonic, being rescued from hurtful situation, or being pulled away from danger.  To be saved, is to be rescued from anything and everything injurious and placed in a state of health, safety, wholeness, and freedom.

In the instances above, the word “Sozo” is in the Greek “perfect active indicative” grammatical construct.

The perfect tense is the most powerful of Greek verb tenses. It defines an event or fact as thoroughly completed


in the past, but still with its full impact today.

The “indicative”, is the Greek mood of fact or certainty.

We notice that in every case “Sozo” is connected to our faith. Jesus exhorts us to enter into a faith where what we believe for is unquestionably, undoubtedly, completely ours, that is, if it’s done by the Word of God. It is done deal, a fact, a reality, a full possession of what we have believed for. Generally, if you can believe for it in your heart, it is because God wants you to have it.

This is the faith of Jesus. This is the faith that we are to work in.  This is the faith of a mustard seed.

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