Don’t Shut Your Eyes When You Pray!

Don’t Shut Your Eyes When You Pray!

When you are involved in a prayer ministry session, learn  to keep your eyes opened as much as possible, until they are at all times, opened.

The temptation will be when you pray for the person who has come to you,  to shut your eyes when you pray!

I mean, that is how we have been taught in church and Sunday school?

“Close your eyes, when you pray, boys and girls!

In prayer ministry, however,  this is a mistake.

God loves to speak to us, through things that we see everyday.

How frequently do we catch sense of a  Holy Spirit’s impression when our eyes glance at something?

One particular time, a guest preacher came to a church service in the West Indies.

When my eyes fell on him, something did not feel right.

The Holy Spirit said, “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!”

If I had not looked at him, who knows what would have happened?

It is  vital when you pray for someone to keep your eyes opened and focused on what is going on with her and the surrounding circumstances.  

How is the person responding to my prayers?

Is he crying, is she somber, do my words affect her or do they drop to the ground?

And throughout these responses, the Spirit of God continually speaks.  

It takes training and effort on your part, of you are the prayer minister, to not close your eyes, but keep them wide open looking at the person.

You will see how much is added to your prayer ministry through this simple gesture.


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