God Uses Great Grandmas and Grandpas!

God Uses  Great Grandmas and  Grandpas!

In one of our services we prayed for a great grandma.

She sat at the very front of the church, marveling at the children who fell in the power of the Holy Spirit without being touched, feet rom her.

I noticed the big smile on her face.

When the Lord released a holy laughter anointing she broke out in quiet laughter.

I sat next to her and asked  if she liked what was happening with the Holy Spirit.

She said nothing,  just smiled.

Finally, she said that she had never been in this kind of a service before.

I grabbed someone and pulled him over to her.

I said, you are going to see that it’s not me, it’s the Holy Spirit.

I told her to blow the Holy Spirit on the person.

Nothing happened.

I told her to blow with faith and authority.

A few minutes later, the person fell out.

Just like my dear friend, 89 years young in New Mexico, who put her oxygen tank down after God released her from COPD and began to release the Holy Spirit to others.

Ministries do begin  for great grandmas AND great grandpas.

Age is a terrible state of mind, because it means nothing to Jesus.

God is mightily using children in heart and  in age.

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