the “two in one” discount!

In the perilous times which we are navigating, nothing is important as growing with the Lord Jesus.

COVID, supply chain problems, The Ukraine, inflation, the list just goes on.

Our only stability is the Word and the Voice of God.

My two Independent Studies courses, “Principles of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance” and “Living From The Throne of God”, I offer each for a donation of $ 20.00.

To be a blessing to people at this time, you can have both of the studies for a donation of $30.00

The Combined Courses include 6 videos with 8 hours of my teaching and almost 60 pages of my teachers’ notes that meticulously follow the six videos much from the original Greek and Hebrew.

It is my opinion that if you dedicate 4-6 weeks to go through both of these studies you will experience essential and significant spiritual growth vital to these times.

These are the materials included in this “Two In One Discount”.

You can use the donation instructions found in one of the studies.

But do the following as well.

Please donate your $30.00, using PayPal, Zelle or Venmo as instructed.

Then there is a place for you to leave me a message in these apps.

In this message write “TWO FOR ONE”, but MOST IMPORTANTLY, include the EMAIL ADDRESS where I will send you the links to the videos of both studies, and your attached set of notes.

Make a breakthrough through these difficult times and be blessed.

You owe this to yourself!

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