Apples, Oranges and the Anotherness of God!

There are two words for “another” in the NT Greek.

Allos describes “another” as a same class object.

One apple to another apple to another apple uses allos.

Heteros, defines “another” as a different class object.

When describing fruit, for example, one apple, to another pear, to another banana, uses heteros.

Strong’s Number # 243:  ALLOS

Strong’s Number # 2087:  HETEROS

The verses recounting spiritual gifts are some of the most potent applications of both “anothers”.

1 Cor 12: 8  For <1063> to one <3739> <3303> is given <1325> (5743) by <1223> the Spirit <4151> the word <3056> of wisdom <4678>; <1161> to another <243> the word <3056> of knowledge <1108> by <2596> the same <846> Spirit <4151>;

9  <1161> To another <2087> faith <4102> by <1722> the same <846> Spirit <4151>; <1161> to another <243> the gifts <5486> of healing <2386> by <1722> the same <846> Spirit <4151>;

10  <1161> To another <243> the working <1755> of miracles <1411>; <1161> to another <243> prophecy <4394>; <1161> to another <243> discerning <1253> of spirits <4151>; <1161> to another <2087> divers kinds <1085> of tongues <1100>; <1161> to another <243> the interpretation <2058> of tongues <1100>:

There are two streams of thoughts as to why Paul categorizes the nine spiritual gifts in the two forms of another.

One is that there are three predominant anointings, or three classes of people which draw on the nine gifts.

Wisdom and word of knowledge is the first class.

The “another” in between them is allos expressing the same class.

We then note that Paul uses “heteros” before faith, to indicate a change of class.

We see that faith+ gifts of healing+ working of miracles+ prophecy+ and discerning of spirits are all in the next class, all of them separated by allos.

Finally, before divers kinds of tongues. we find “heteros”, specifying a third new class, with tongues + interpretation of tongues within it.

In my ministry I am mostly drawn to the five in the second group.

What about you?

The other stream of thought is that the three classes of gifts express the triune nature of God.

Wisdom and knowledge come from God the Father.

These two are ministered through Jesus Christ in their five expressions of faith, healing, miracles, prophecy and discerning of spirits.

Finally, their heavenly and mystical origin as breathed by the Holy Spirit can manifest as heavenly tongues.

Either way, the importance of knowing some NT Greek is apparent.

Finally, the rare compound, heterodidaskaleo in the next verse originates from hetero and didasko which is to teach, or to be a teacher.

1 Timothy 1:3  As I besought thee to abide still at Ephesus, when I went into Macedonia, that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine, <2085>

Strong’s Number # 2085:  HETERODIDASKALEO

Doctrine that deviates from the truth because its essence, quality, and quantity comes from another source, which is not founded on the words that make up the gospel.  

We live in times when many are preaching a doctrine, “heteros” from the Bible.

Let us heed to not to fall for it, but keep our noses in God’s Word.

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