The $100 K Gold Rolex

“I am giving you a $100 K gold Rolex watch, now take it and wear it!”

“If you don’t, though the Rolex is yours, it will be like it never belonged to you, and it will gather dust, and you will die, and the watch will sit on your night table forever.

So it is with the eternal life through Jesus Christ.

Jesus is God’s $100 K Rolex.

You see, God is a one watch wearer. He is simple, humble and unpretentious! He is not like us who are into “stuff.”

The Rolex is there for your asking. It sits on every person’s night stand. It is beyond precious and priceless, and above everything which money can buy.

You need the watch to live in God’s eternal home. The watch is the membership into eternity.

When Adam sinned, everybody lost their watch. Now God is reoffering it again.

If you choose not to take it, well, you acknowledge that you don’t want God’s Rolex, God, or to live in His mansion forever.

That’s what hell is! It’s the piece of estate in the downtown ghetto of outer darkness that you chose, not God, because you reject His $100 K Rolex.

You still have time to seize that Rolex, but it can only be grabbed and worn on earth.

Humanity fights about the watch, tries to break it, spits on it, and stomps on this gorgeous, gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Some don’t like it because they wanted one that was platinum.

Others don’t like watches, they only like rings.

Yet others are angry with its design and wished that God would had thought up something different, or had many watches for many people, instead of one that fits all.

Gee, I don’t know why. I thought that everybody would want such a lovely thing!

I thought that everybody would be grateful to God for giving us back our long-lost watch.

They fight about not taking the Rolex, argue why not to take it, rationalize about maybe taking it on their death-bed, they run away from it, denounce it, and flee from it like if it had cudies.

Yet, God keeps on offering the watch free of charge to anyone who wants it.

You know, God is cool and loving, He never gives up! But, the watch must be worn while you are down there.

I thought that humanity would be happy to get the watch, but that’s not the case.

Especially, the countries who own many other watches complain about this one.

It seems that the ones who have little jewelry are grateful to own the greatest of all jewels.

Bottom line though is that without this $100 K Rolex you won’t be allowed in heaven. The Rolex is the membership and your way in through its pearly gates.

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