The series of Principles of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance by Jose & Mary Alvarez is a beautiful blueprint on what the Christian life should 

ecome. Much of the body of Christ live their lives from the exterior of God’s will, but it is his will for us as his body to push through obstacles, schemes, and bondages that keep us from living on the (interior), or internally with his will. This is where we are covered with him to live in complete unity to act out from faith by the leading of the Holy Spirit. One voice whereby we are wholly and completely willing to become obedient to flow of our journey that Christ has set for us, and for all who turn to him.  2 Corinthians 3:17-18, Matthew 24, ( John 8: 34-47)

Thank you Jose and Mary for keeping the March of obedience through Christ to bring revelation to others in this critical time.  Michelle C.

There is no option for us to say, “No thanks, I’m not going to war. I’ll let someone else go battle.” You are in a war. Whether it’s for your family, your neighborhood, your town, your state or your nation, we have an enemy who has declared war. You do have options though. To fight from the victory we have in Christ, gain territory and plunder the enemy or give up territory, be plundered and live under oppression. You choose. Jose’s teaching is needed to lay the foundation for spiritual warfare. If you do not have these necessary basics, you are headed into a gun fight with a knife. You will have the wrong weapons, the wrong strategy and the wrong understanding against a very real enemy. I highly recommend this teaching!  Jen Z.

“Jose I want to share with you and others, that I am SO thankful I got your study!! I highly recommend it!!!

Much needed strength, fortification, and confirmation in some areas – PLUS – NEW and POWERFUL tools and insights that are propelling me forward! It’s like shifting into a higher gear! It’s more than information, there’s an impartation on this!! Like a good steak, we chew on it and it makes us strong!! We will not be defeated saints!

But we need Divine help and studies like this to help us have focused acceleration!This study sharpens us like the military needs drills to stay sharp!(again, so much here and I’m not even through the first video).

Your extravagant offer for $20 is Gods most generous heart on display!!Way beyond worth it!!!! THANK YOU and may GOD bless you for your devotion and excellence!! Hold on- this will take off!” Susan R.

“Outstanding teaching!  Excellent, rich, deep, revelatory”  Liz N.

“I’m learning that I find god in his word. I’m also learning that the deeper I go in god the shaper my sword of the spirit gets. I have only finished the first tape but I have learned that most of what I have learned in the past is not truth and it’s plain and simple. no one, not one thing, other than god’s word will bring me closer to God and grow in relationship with God and Jesus Christ. I’m truly gaining knowledge of tactics in the spiritual warfare. I am looking forward to watching the 2nd tape. Thank you my friend. god bless you and your family.” Teddi J. 

“These videos are so on point and full of powerful insights that everyone who wants to live a victorious life will benefit from this wisdom on spiritual warfare and deliverance shared by Pastor Jose who speaks from his rich experience and insight of walking it out and listening to Holy Spirit day by day and moment by moment. Pastor Jose asked some powerful questions, that made me realize where I need to realign during these challenging times so that I can know the powerful strategies that God wants me to know to fulfil my purpose and destiny. An added plus is receiving reference notes so that you can pay full attention to the teaching. I highly recommend taking the time to listen, learn, be challenged and respond to the wisdom that is humbly, yet powerfully presented. The truths and insights are life-changing! Gloria D.

“Today was a very good day I could finish your study on the 3-part series of “Principles of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance.”  It very clear to me that your words where guided by the Holy Spirit.  I am sure many people will be also be blessed by it. Thank you for your obedience and perseverance to continue pressing on into this subject. I learned and re learned a few things. As always, it a powerful message that we need to hear. My favorite verse was James 4:7 Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. It’s something we must do in our daily battle. God first. Let’s be more fruitful in obedience than in sacrifice because He loves us and is waiting for our growth in His Word. You are a blessing. Keep pressing on teaching for the sake of His Kingdom. Open our eyes oh Lord! Thanks!!  Many blessings!! ” Marilene D.M.

“I highly recommend this Independent study on Principles of Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. It is a must-read, survival guide for the Body of Christ in this most crucial and precarious hour of history. Never before in my years of ministry have I witnessed such intense, high-level spiritual warfare and deception over the nations. The Body of Christ must be equipped to fight this spiritual war and Jose’s study, through his videos and notes, brings deep revelation and truth, uncovering the mysteries of God’s word that are powerful arsenals against the enemy’s strongholds over our lives.  I have just started the second video, but the Lord has already been speaking and uncovering many revelations to me personally through the passages Jose used in the first video. It is a deeply rich study, meant to absorb a morsel at a time, allowing the Holy Spirit to speak, convict and empower through each rhema word given. I am grateful for the hard work Jose has put in sharing years of ministry experience into this revelatory guide. You will certainly be transformed!” Sandy C.

I have truly read, red pen underlined & highlighted the “Principles Of Spiritual Warfare & Deliverance”. Found it extremely informative & an eye opener to my Spiritual man! Cannot give enough adjectives in the English language to describe how I was able to understand it & feed my spirit! Thank you for allowing me to get a deeper glimpse of God’s Kingdom!! Maria G.

“This Bible Study is both relevant to the times we’re experiencing and very helpful to any questions we’re facing in our spiritual walk. Pastor Jose delivers the message so it’s easy to understand and good for the soul, the church needs more messages like this one. Not always easy, but a necessary part of our growth (you can leave this sentence out if you want, but it’s my honest opinion) :)” Kara G.


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