I confess I know little of the “second heavens” demonic realm.

Not only does it dwell in darkness, but it’s incredibly complex.

I will share a ray of light, though.

I am acquainted with the term “strong man.”

In spiritual warfare it appears that the strong man is a ruling demon assigned to each person.

It can also be self-assigned through a person’s lifetime patterns of chronic sin.

As much as I attempted to repent, fast, pray, and submit to God, there was something in my face which fought me every day of life.

I knew that it was the strong man, the ruling demon.

The process has been complicated, but I’m certain that as of a few days back, he’s gone.

One thing about the strong man, its usually a higher order demon.

In my case it was a principality demon.

I saw it in the Spirit.

It looks like a gargoyle looking dude from Lord of the Rings.

Secondly, it guards something that is precious to you, and fights you tooth and nail from getting it.

This precious bounty is God’s inheritance reserved for you in the heavenlies.

His battle is to prevent you from getting your inheritance.

Enter the 4 P’s.

One month ago, God gave me the revelation that all things are possible with Him.

I’ve known this my whole life but it’s been head knowledge.

As I dealt with all known sin, God dropped this point from my mind down into my heart.

I began to see the “possibility potential” of all things with God.

Hence, the first P.

Where there is possibility, there is probability.

If you really believe that something is possible, the probability of it is almost certain, especially with God.

If the thing becomes probable than it needs to be possessed.

We possess or receive from God’s kingdom in our heart.

Its first spiritually invisible

Eventually, it becomes physically visible.

Faith is the invisible mustard seed of the spiritually invisible.

Faith is spiritual matter.

Its real and tangible.

It dwells in the realm of God’s kingdom

We just don’t see it.

It’s the thing which was possible, that became probable, and now can be possessed.

Believing is the tool for possession of spiritual matter.

Believing keeps the kernel of spiritual matter in your heart until it’s time for manifestation.

You possess first in the spirit, before it becomes manifested in our world.

The heart is the incubator for spiritual matter.

Belief is its heating element.

Now we have Three P’s.

Possibility, leads to probability, which leads to possession.

The last P, plunder, is in the hands of the strong man

Mt 12:29 Or how is one able to enter a strong man’s house to plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? And then he will plunder his household.

Mr 3:27 No one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his possessions, unless he first binds the strong man, and then he may plunder his house.

Luke 21:21 When the strong man armed keeps watch over his house, then his goods are safe:

22 But when one who is stronger makes an attack on him and overcomes him, he takes away his instruments of war, in which he had put his faith, and makes division of his goods.

I found myself possessing and never possessing.

No matter how hard tried I could not possess enough to then plunder the inheritance which God had for me.

As a matter of fact, plundering was never an option

Finally, when the strong man was out the way, the Lord spoke, “begin to plunder!”

Thirty-seven years it took me to get from possibility, to probability to possessing.

For me, the fight to get there is over.

My prayers now are focused on how to plunder what is rightfully mine.

And there is a heck of a lot to plunder from.

God is a trillionaire many times over.

What about you?

Are you plundering what the strong man withheld?

Or are you still dealing with the strong man?

Or do you know who is your strong man?

Or finally, are you repenting from the sins which keeps the leech of the strong man sucking the life out of you?

The work of God’s kingdom is serious business, and not for the faint of heart.

It suffers from violence, and only the spiritually violent can snatch it, make it their own, to plunder.

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