The Law of the Expert and the ROI

The Law of the Expert and the ROI.

I am reading a national bestseller book titled, “Thinking Fast and Slow,” by Daniel Kahneman.

In the book, the author highlights several arguments which are dear to my heart.

He states that “as a skill in doing a task increases the demand for our energy diminishes.

The pattern of activity associated with an action changes as skill increases with fewer brain regions involved.

Highly intelligent individuals need less effort to solve the same problems.”

I have branded what the author says as “The law of the expert.”

This is a convincing argument why we must all exploit in a good way, the areas of our expertise to benefit not just ourselves, but mankind.

We must not be lazy or fearful, as Jesus says, and bury our talents under the ground.

The Law of the Expert is closely tied to the Pareto Principle.

This principle states that twenty percent of our skills produce eighty percent of the results.

Twenty percent of the people perform eighty percent of the work.

Twenty percent of givers raise eighty percent of the money.

As we exploit “The Law of the Expert,” the Pareto Principle kicks in.

On the flip side of the coin shares Kahneman is “The Law of Least Effort.”

This law asserts that “if there are several ways of achieving the same goal people will eventually gravitate to the least demanding course of action”

In our economy of action, effort is a cost and the acquisition of a skill is driven by the benefits of balance and costs.

Laziness is built deep in our nature.”

The economy of action can be tied into the popular cliché, ROI, or Return on Investment.

As people, it’s normal to want a return on our investment.

This is just not just money.

This is our time and our effort.

It’s natural then that we must exploit “The Law of the Expert.”

Every human being has a sacred duty not to bury their talents, but to use them wisely to glorify God and bless mankind.

When we freely give to the world the things that we are experts at, we benefit from the Pareto Principle, The Law of Least Effort, and the ROI.

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