Why I Love The Market Place?

God’s destiny for America, will we won through prayer, or lost, through its lack.

And America with many government regulations, but little of God, shall not stand.

The answer lies in the hands of the church, who is a giant, nonetheless a sleeping one.

If the giant wakes up America will come forth to righteousness, but America cannot come forth apart from the giant.

Eph 5:16  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Redeeming, is derived from, “business marketplace.”

The compound word is exagorazo, from the word agora, the marketplace.

The preposition, ex, emphasizes full execution of  marketplace principles.

  • The times must be marketed out for God’s gain.
  • Maximum exploitation of times for God’s benefit.
  • Extreme leverage of times for God’s advantage.
  • Peak entrepreneurship of times for God’s glory.

Where are the David’s who can disrupt the Goliath quagmire which envelops the church?

The church must get in the business of God’s  kingdom and overcome the evil of the day through the good of the kingdom.

If not, little evidence of the good of the kingdom will be overcome by big evidence  of the evil of day, and the church will be held accountable.

Mt 19:28  And Jesus said unto them, Verily I say unto you, That ye which have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

Regeneration is the word paliggenesia, to become again.

  1. What  has become, at one time was not.
  2. For what became  had a starting place in becoming.
  3. Before that starting place, what now has  become, did not exist.
  4. Regeneration, is the becoming of all things as new.
  5. Regeneration entails that everything you were, ceased, and everything has  re started and has become again, as new.
  6. The new, is the God man, Christ Jesus, in your heart.
  7. Regeneration demands that who you were, ceased to be,  and what is left is the presence of Christ as He sits on the throne of glory, in your heart.
  8. In regeneration, you live from the glory which emanates from you as Christ sits on His throne in your heart

So the church owns the market place, and the ability to make all things start afresh in it through God’s kingdom.

What will she do today?

Will she play church, or exploit the marketplace for Christ?

Twenty Reasons Why I Love  the Market Place

  1. People are looking for people, who truly care, who will listen to their story
  2. There is little difference between the churched and unchurched.
  3. I minister to people in the same way in the church as I do outside.
  4. I find that Jesus Christ easily brings church to the market place, and that the church should not be confined to the building
  5. God’s holiness and sanctity is felt as strong with the dingiest people on the streets as it is in church.
  6. God is more enthusiastically moving outside of church than inside.
  7. People outside of church are as excited to receive a word of prophecy as those inside.
  8. The enemy of the church is not the world. It’s not an “us versus them” battle.
  9. I see evangelistic opportunities called “visitors” which God brings to church on Sunday
  10. In Nyack, the best evangelism is called coffee evangelism. I grab a cup of coffee, sit and wait for God to move. What is God’s strategy where you live?
  11. If you sincerely get into people’s lives to love and serve them, even the atheist will hear you.
  12. Prophetic evangelism
  13. Friendship evangelism
  14. Starbucks and grocery lines
  15. Food evangelism
  16. Monetary evangelism
  17. Evangelizing people of different faiths
  18. Networking, connecting, becoming a giver and excelling in hospitality
  19. Social media evangelism
  20. The market place dispels my fears and the fear of rejection.

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