What Is The Devil’s Great Lie?

Excerpts from my upcoming book!

I learnt that many of the fears which tormented me are not mine.

This is a major key to spiritual warfare.

The ability to distinguish when a spiritual attack originates from outside of you, rather than as your legitimate problem, is essential.

Numerous things which people call oppression, illnesses, or fears are simple demonic attacks.

The demon’s lie is to make people own what is not theirs.

Only a marginal part of sicknesses and anxieties originate from within a person.

The demon works at creating a false identity.

The demon’s lie is to make people believe that the problem is theirs rather than his eternal attack.

The devil’s attack is to create a counter identity by causing people to own what is not theirs.

If a demon can cause you to believe that you are the one with the problem rather than his attack as a lying deception, he defeats you.

If he causes you to own things which are not from you, he succeeds at creating a false identity.

Identity has to do with being or existence.

If the devil makes you believe that you are sick, oppressed, depressed when it’s only an attack, he has caused to adopt an identity, a reality, or existence, which is not you.

If we believe that the devil does not exist, he has already deceived us.

If people don’t believe that he is real, then the creation of a false identity is simple, since people think that it is them, and do not attribute it as an attack from the devil.

The most difficult thing in breaking free is recognizing and rejecting the false identity which has become so much part of you.

The devil’s lies are so cunning that they weave an identity that is so much you, that only through the revelation of the truth do you break free.

Christianity is all about the transformation of a person’s identity into Christ Jesus’s identity.

So it’s no wonder that the devil would attack by creating a counter identity.

Christ’s identity is life, peace and liberty.

The devil’s counter identity is bondage, fear and sickness,

Jesus is the Prince of Peace.

Where there is peace there cannot be anxiety.

Yet there are many anxious Christians.

When I surrendered to God when he told me to teach the Bible publically, in the midst of stuttering. the problem not only lessened, but the demon of fear backed away.

As a tick to blood attaches itself to a dog, a demon to lies attaches himself to people through the creation of a counter or false identity.

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