The world is on a merry go round which goes round, round, and round.

Most will ride it nonstop, and will only get off when they die.

But people who desire for everything which God has for them know that remaining on life’s merry go round will never take them to where they are supposed to go.

They become professionals at what I call, vector jumps.

Let’s take the merry go round at a state fair.

While riding on one, you receive an urgent phone call.

You are required to unexpectedly jump off the rapidly circling horses.

This jump will be in a straight line away from the encircling machine.

This is called a vector jump.

A vector jump is a straight line jump away from something that is moving in a circle by centrifugal action.

It’s scary, risky and can be painful.

If you will fulfill that which God has for you, you will be required to make a vector jump off from life’s merry go round.

Many Christians are scared to do this, and will not make the jump, and die on the merry go round.

They miss out on some of greatest things which God had for them.

For my family in 1997, when we left from Florida, to New Mexico, we had to implement a vector jump.

Ours might be more drastic than yours, but every Christian is required to make a least one vector jump.

The greater the vision and calling the greater will be your jump.

Observe Moses’ training period of forty years before God released him to liberate the children of Israel.

Or Joseph who spent thirteen years in the dungeon before God raised him to become second in command after the Pharaoh.

What about Saul’s ten assassination attempts of David after Samuel anointed him to be king over Israel?

These were the vector jumps which God required these men to take as they fulfilled God’s calling.

What is your vector jump?

There is nothing worse in life than living and dying on your merry go round, so jump!

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