The Must Do’s

  1. You must tackle the undesirable task within the first  minutes.
  2. If you are a Christian it’s impossible to the best in the world without a life or prayer.
  3. It’s impossible to be the best in the world without a solid knowledge of God’s word.
  4. You must be a lover of good books.
  5. The greatest leaders read sixty a year.
  6. You must not to waste time.
  7. You must not watch too much TV.
  8. You must create your own story, and not another man’s.
  9. You must not be a “talking head,” but be someone who “talking heads” talk about.
  10. You must develop your own God vision and not be subservient only to another man’s.
  11. You must go against the grain of the world.
  12. You must hate political correctness.
  13. You must be able to ruffle feathers in Jesus Name.
  14. Somewhere, and somehow, you must jump off life’s merry go round to do what God called you to.
  15. You must obtain the breakthrough at all costs.
  16. You must have radical, unquestionable, and immediate obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit.
  17. You must die to yourself in every area of life by the cross of Christ, so that He may be revealed through your life.
  18. You must repent from every sin that God shows you and live a life in continuing repentance.
  19. You must love liberty in Christ, because 98 percent of the world does not, and does not appreciate it.
  20. You must have uninterrupted times daily where you can work towards your vision.
  21. You must believe that you can change the world.
  22. You must love to win, and know that through Christ you can win.
  23. You must say no to many things and to people who will rob you of your time and vision.
  24. You must do the two or three things in life that will profit you the most, bring you the greatest returns, and take you to your dreams.
  25. You must ruthlessly cut out all the rest.
  26. You must not a people pleaser; you must be a God pleaser.
  27. You must excel in at least one thing in your life, and strive to be the best in the world at that one thing.
  28. You must improve on your best every day.
  29. You must learn to have laser focus and concentration on you dreams
  30. You must think and dream as big as you possibly can because you will never think as big as what God has for you.
  31. You must think 10X bigger.
  32. You must be physically fit.
  33. You must exercise.

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