Find the Sweet Spot in a Holy Spirit Meeting

The sweet spots in baseball or tennis are tiny areas on the racquet or bat where your swing yields the greatest results.This is the spot on the bat where the ball sails over the fence for a homerun, or where the ferocity of a serve, overwhelms the opponent in a tennis racquet.In golf, it’s that tiny area that feels so good and causes the ball to shoot 280 yards like an arrow through the fairway’s center.But what about in a Holy Spirit meeting?One is prayer.Before your meeting is scheduled spend the days or hours the Holy Spirit burdens you with.These prayers could be in tongues, or in details of what God wants to do.It could be specific people that God wants to touch, or a combination of all.But the sweet spot is to pray the meeting entirely through, till the Holy Spirit says, “there is no need for further prayer!”Any time that you pray a meeting systematically through, before its start, until the Lord tells you stop because there is no further need for further prayer, there will be wonders, healings and miracles. In this meeting it will be the Holy Spirit who moves rather than you.It will be His glory rather than your gifts.The other sweet spot requires that you find where the river of the Holy Spirit flows for that particular meeting. There is always a river.Each one is different to the particular meeting.Most leaders come in with too much agenda to pay attention to the Spirit’s agenda found in His river.But if your only wish is to locate the river and ride it from beginning to end, you will find the sweet spot ,Just do these two things at every meeting, and be thrilled!Cheers!

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