A Short Ministry Bio for Jose and Mary!

My wife Mary Alvarez and I have been in ministry for nearly forty years.

Part of this ministry has been in missions.

We lived among the Native American Pueblo and Navajo Nations of New Mexico, and then moved with our family of four children and two dogs to Kenya, Africa in 2006

After establishing a successful ministry in Africa, the Lord called us as missionaries back to the United States with the words, “America needs you more than Africa!”

In late 2007, we returned to our original home in Miami, Florida.

There, we were assistant pastor nearly six years.

We have a book on Amazon that by clicking on the title you can purchase it:  “The Trending Church: Jesus Goes Viral!”

We travel to different parts of the world as opportunity arises.

Last year the Lord called us to re locate in Los Angeles, California, and do ministry work here.

At the same time, the Lord has called us to travel throughout the United States and minister the love and healing power of the Holy Spirit to the nation.

This summer, Texas will be the first stop of two months, thirteen states trip, where we will pray for many people in the power of the Holy Spirit

We strongly believe that God has not called one person to exclusively minister, but rather called the Body of Christ to do the work of the ministry.

Our meetings are highlighted by different people given opportunity to use their spiritual gifts and minister with them.

The church has become a passive bystander model, which is not the New Testament model.

By activating people and allowing them to minister, we have discovered that not only is ministry more powerful, but that people are given opportunity to use their gifts.

This instills confidence and vision to start what the Lord has placed in their hearts

Though I am also a Bible conference teacher, and have done numerous Bible conferences, the focus of God’s work now is to revive the global church, not only by ministering to it through the Holy Spirit, but by activating it to step out and it do the work of the ministry.

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