What Is Wrong With Tribes

 Re 5:5  And one of the rulers said to me, Do not be sad: see, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome, and has power to undo the book and its seven stamps.
There is nothing wrong with belonging to a tribe.
God made and loves tribes.
A tribe is “a social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.” Google
Every family is a tribe.
My wife says that every person in the world belongs to a people group. I say that everybody belongs to a tribe.
Its no mystery that families love tribes.
Long time friends love tribes.
Leaders love tribes.  One only has to observe the funeral of a world leader.
There are also  church tribes at the local city level, and church denomination tribes.
But we need to be very careful.
Though God loves tribes, He is far more a kingdom God than a tribal God.
When God sent Jesus to earth, it was to manifest and establish His kingdom, not His tribe.
A kingdom,not only embraces one tribe, it incorporates all tribes.
A kingdom traverses tribal lines and reaches out to all people, everywhere,  with its influence.
Because of tribalism, churches within a city  are isolated from each other.
Pastors will come together for pre arranged prayer meetings where little is accomplished.
The kingdom mind of God for pastors is never established. At the end they  go back to their tribes.
There is a tribal vision for the church instead of a kingdom vision for the city.
The local church must become kingdom minded for its city, while still looking out for  its tribe.
The tribal isolation of churches from each other in a super connected world makes the present church model dinosaurish and obsolete.
In the local church  people need to become kingdom minded rather than tribal.
When visitors come to church we see  few that reach out to them.
People have told me  that will never go to  church again. They attended three of four times and yet no one greeted them. Tribalism!
We live in an incredibly social world.
God is utilizing its inter connectivity to manifest His love through it.
As a kingdom minded enterprise, the church must excel as a super connector, networker, and engager, and do much of this through superior hospitality.
Tribalism severely limits what God wants to do by His kingdom in the the local church.
Peter Diamandis says that in 2010 1.8 billion globally were connected on the internet. Today its 2.8 billion, and five years the whole planet of 7 billion will be connected.
The church has a grand opportunity to shine with the love of Jesus by becoming kingdom minded.
Let’s put the kingdom first and our church tribes second.

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