How To Update To Humanity 2.0 Operating System!

If we see Christianity as religion we are tragically shortsighted.

“Christianity “is the brand name of the software for Humanity Version 2.0 Operating System.

  • Humanity Version 1.0 Operating System became infected in the Garden of Eden with lethal malware that we’ve named sin.
  • This “sin virus” corrupted humanity fatally in two ways which we will discuss.

Man is made up of three parts.

He is a spirit in a body, with  a soul which connects the two so that they can  co communicate.

Our body is made up of organs, the skin being the largest.

The spirit is also an organ.

People get hung up with this because the spirit can’t be seen.

The visible and tangible realm named the earth is not the only existing realm.

There are other realms which are more real and more important than the visible earth.

Just because we can’t see them do not make them, not real.

Our five senses and our physical organs access the tangible and visible realm.

The spirit is the organ which accesses the invisible God who is a Spirit, and the invisible realm where God lives.

When God designed Humanity Version 1.0, He prepared man’s spirit to be his most essential organ.

Since God is Spirit, communication with Him must occur, our spirit to His Spirit.

God accomplished this so that man could foremost access Him who is the source of every other thing

The sin virus infected man with the following fatal corruptions.

Fatal Corruption # 1

God immediately broke communication with man.

With that, man’s spirit, his most vital organ, suffered an immediate comatose stroke.

By all intents and purposes his spirit  flat lined, and remains so.

Humanity Version 1.0 OS is now fatally flawed.

Everybody lives at best with two thirds functionality.

It’s now the soul and body.

Man’s body has become king, and the soul made up of mind, will, and emotions which was to  serve the spirit’s wishes, now serves the body’s lusts.

Fatal Corruption # 2

The development of a sinful nature.

With Adam’s fall, a sin producing motor called the sinful nature was created and through spiritual genetics passes on from person to person at birth.

Man can do nothing else but sin, because of the sin generating motor which he is born with.

Enter Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ is more prominent than both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs in what He conceived with Humanity Version 2.0 Operating System.

There are three critical changes in Humanity Version 2.0 OS

The person is required to purchase the new operating system by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Master.

If not, he remains with Version 1.0 OS

Update # 1

Eph 1:1  And you He made alive, being dead in transgressions and sins,

5  even when we were dead in transgressions, made us alive together with Christ (by grace you have been saved),

Jesus Christ revives the comatose spirit back into its full operation.

This is done immediately upon purchase of the new operating system.

Man gets immediate re access to communication with God and all the resources available in His invisible realm

Update # 2

Rom 6:6  knowing this, that our old man was crucified with Him, so that the body of sin may be done away (disabled)  with, that we should no longer serve sin.

Version 2.0 OS throws a spiritual monkey wrench into the sin producing engine, the sinful nature, permanently and immediately disabling it.

Man becomes immediately free from sin.

What is left are the habits of sin which Version 2.0 gradually wipes out.

Update # 3

Col 1:16  because by ( IN) Him all things were created, those in the heavens and those on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through Him and for Him.

17  And He is before all things, and in Him all things are held together.

Jesus carries within Him are all the prototypes of every piece of creation in their perfect states before sin messed them up.

Jesus carries inside of Him every prototype  of each piece of creation in its perfect state before sin messed them up.

God the Father created the universe through God the Son, Jesus, because of this one fact.

This is what makes Jesus so great and distinguishes Him from every other so called religious leader.

With your purchase of Humanity 2.0 you are automatically updated into Humanity 2.0 because Jesus is the update and carries the prototype of the update.

He also carries the prototypes of every other piece of creation in Him.

Eternal life in Humanity 2.0 OS, updates you and  every part of creation back into its pristine and unflawed manner so that you can enjoy it all

Doesn’t this want to make you purchase Humanity 2.0 OS.

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