God’s River And My Glory Pond

John 4:14  But whoever takes the water I give him will never be in need of drink again; for the water I give him will become in him a fountain of eternal life.

John 7:38  He who has faith in me, out of his body, as the Writings have said, will come rivers of living water.

The Holy Spirit is a river.

Every church meeting has its specific river, with a particular flow.

Hence, God’s river looks different every time.

Discovering the particular river in a meeting and flowing in it, is a gigantic church strategy  for growth.

More is accomplished by tapping into the river than following a prearranged program.

Not that there is something wrong with a church program if it’s part of the river’s flow for a meeting.

But if it’s not, the service becomes the spinning of wheels.

My job is to discern where the river is, and what it does.

The mouth of the river is success.

It’s the abode of results.

The river is  more effective than it is efficient.

Effectiveness is the best way to achieve God’s goals.

Many a time, the way to goal achievement is unorthodox and does not  make sense.

Efficiency does not always stress goal achievement or results creation.

The stress on efficiency can be to save money or streamline an aspect of church.

Jesus was very effective without always being  efficient.

The taking of dirt, spitting into it, making mud, applying to a guy’s eyes, and healing him, is not a poster child teaching for efficiency.

Neither was His demand to exhausted fishermen who were on their way to their wives, to launch out, and fish again.

Nor was His apparent insanity of feeding thousands with scant fish and  a few loaves of bread.

But my, how effective was Jesus in achieving God’s goals!

For me, there is one person of interest at a meeting.

His name is the Holy Spirit.

No one else matters, especially me.

I become invisible and ride the river’s white waters.

I want to flow in God’s river and not my glory pond.

Several years back we held a meeting in NY.

We had young people from Brooklyn in attendance.

God told me to pray for everyone except this one girl.

I felt terrible and guilty.

I asked God if I could pray for her, and He repeatedly said no.

Even the pastor questioned my apparent callousness the next day.

This girl was depressed and lonely sitting in the far corner of the room.

My wife, was insecure about her spiritual gifts and would hide behind me when ministry commenced.

Ministering alone made her feel vulnerable, and insecure.

So this was the thing that God dealt with her at this meeting.

The girl was finally called out by other ministers who were praying with me.

My wife got involved with them.

God told me to pull away from the situation and let the team with my wife handle it

This girl let out a blood curling scream and fell onto the floor.

A mighty deliverance ensued.

She was freed and left rejoicing, with a big smile on her face.

My wife was forced to take part in the ministry.

If I had prayed for  the girl, she might have not gotten the deliverance, and my wife never utilized.

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