God Does Not Like Lines In The Sand

The secret to the breakthrough is to flow with God’s demands.

The secret to God prospering you is absolute surrender.

Gods prospering of you, is relative to the surrendering of you to Him.

Poverty is just not material.

There is poverty of spirit and leanness of soul.

Those who suffer from it have un surrendered areas to God.

Our capacity to sustain discomforts, interruptions, and change of plans to the Spirit’s wishes, with availability and flexibility, is proportional to our attaining to God’s seasons and appointments.

God is the God of breakthrough.

His default is breakthrough.

We don’t pray for the breakthrough.

If we live in submission to the Spirit’s voice we live in habitual breakthrough.

The Spirit’s voice is the voice of breakthrough.

It is the voice of victory.

God takes us from breakthrough to breakthrough in proportion to our obedience.

Spiritual quagmire is indicative of some area that you are not repenting and submitting to the voice.

God will take you as far as you want to, or leave you as near as you want to be.

The sky’s the limit if you want it.

And so is a life stuck in present circumstances if you want it.

You can end up in heaven if you want to.

You can end up in hell if you want to.

You can experience ongoing freedom as a youngster in the Lord.

Or you can be a Christian of thirty years and still hear demonic voices.

There is nothing as lethal as being a “line in the sand” artist to the Holy Spirit.

You can never draw a line in the sand to God and get away with it.

God will not have it.

If you say to Him, “I’ll do this, but won’t do that; this is my “line in the sand” in my submission to you, God.”

You have shot yourself in the foot and are on the way to committing spiritual suicide.

God won’t take you any further than your line.

You will go round and round the mountain that you demarcated with your line.

All associated demons connected to your line and to the mountain will cling to you, no matter how hard you rebuke them.

If you are not careful you will die going round your mountain.

God is patient.

He’ll fold His arms and wait the weeks, months, or years that it takes you to finally get sick of your “line on the sand.”

When you say, “God, I am willing it to do your way,”

He’ll start you off where you drew the line.

You will be overjoyed at all the blessings which God had for you if you would have obeyed in the first place.

You will be remorseful at the time you wasted

Don’t become a “line in the sand” artist with God.

It never works.

God never entertains “lines in the sand” unless He is the one who draws them.

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