I am indebted to neurologist Dr. Joe Dispenza.

His book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” is incredibly provoking.

As a Christian, I teach others how to renew their minds.

Without this renewing, one will not enter into the Kingdom of God.

The renewing of the mind is a brainwashing by God’s Word.

It’s a metamorphosis into a new humanity which Christ Jesus is.

It’s the reinventing of yourself in Christ’s image.

Only through this can one enter into the realm of God’s kingdom.

Dr. Joe and I may not see eye to eye on matters of faith.

But his scientific research is vital

He states that we make our mind equal to our bodies, environment and time.

Reality, or being, for Dr. Joe is the result of how our mind is equal to the variables of body, environment, and or time.

Reality changes from person to person in proportion to changes in these attributes.

As long as the mind is equal to one, two, or all three, we will not experience change.

Our reality is distorted by the feelings which these three produce.

We are stuck.

My interest is how I can renew my mind to enter into God’s kingdom?

God’s kingdom is in a quantum field which is entered by faith.

We must be free from the variables of mind equals body, environment, and time, to enter it.

Freedom comes when the  mind becomes greater than these variables.

The mind then is free to receive from the quantum field where God’s kingdom functions.

We are  renewed not into a thing, but into another Person, Christ Jesus.

Is your mind your body? Or is it time. Or is it environment?

Get brainwashed  by God’s Word!

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