Twenty Guiding Principles!

  1. My father said, “Don’t follow the crowd for it’s usually wrong.”
  2. Take notes! Someone said that ideas are the currency of creation. Many a good idea came from the written note which came from the flashing thought.
  3. “ I perform an idea dump on paper every morning ” Ralph Gomez
  4. Write a daily blog on what was the most important point of your last 24 hours.
  5. What can you do that will be significant three hundred years from now? Peter Diamandis
  6. Ask the important questions
  7. What can you do to help one billion people?
  8. Are your products, sticky and viral?
  9. Be an expert at one thing.
  10. Find your niche market
  11. Invest at least 1 hour per day doing work that is related to making your dreams come true
  12. Make usable products.
  13. Crush the competition and do a market take over.
  14. Two things which stand out about Facebook and Amazon. How frequently do people visit and how much time do they spend on it once they are there? What about your products?
  15. “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle
  16. The road to success is paved with the freedom to fail. If that freedom is not there you’ll get stuck in a box of fear and go nowhere.
  17. The loss of all fear of man in Christ is the playground for great men and women.
  18. I’ll do crazy things on the smallest hunch hopefully knowing that this is the voice of God. Exciting things happen. For God, is the Adventure God.
  19. Learn to get out of your chair and do what God tells you on the first word that He tells you, even if you are not 100 percent sure it is Him.
  20. Fifteen minutes of hearing God’s voice will hugely affect the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of your day.
  21. To become really good at knowing the voice of God you must take a million risks and do what you think He tells you.
  22. If you would learn to hear God’s voice, a requirement is that you immediately obey what you think is His voice. Not obeying the first time is disobedience. Smith Wigglesworth.

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