The Learning Curve of Exponential Results

I am going through a situation with the Lord Jesus. Case and point. This week I’ve seen God work more, work more actively, and more energetically than in  ten years collectively in the thing I had asked Him to do!

What happened?

My conviction is that in these ten years I have asked God to work in this situation while holding on to un surrendered areas of disobedience to Him.

His slowness in working, which left me unhappy, I see was engineered by God to force me to surrender and obey.

Lack of trust was one. Making money my trust was another. Bitterness and unforgiveness was another. Gluttony, was yet another.

This week, God dealt a crushing blow to the  bitterness.

The work that I have been asking God to do for ten years, He now has on hyper drive

This has always been my case and I suspect every other person’s.

It’s at the point of absolute surrender to what God asks, that He suddenly brings the results we so much pray for.

We ask God to do things for us. God says, get to the point that I want you to get to, and everything will suddenly happen.

Receiving and  results with God is on a learning curve. The faster we absolutely surrender to God places things on an exponential curve of results.

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