The $10.00 Church and Entrepreneurial Shortcuts Seminar: Part 1


1. The superhuman person: Graham Cooke: Prophet
2. The untold story: Maya Angelou: Poet
3. The future: Larry Page CEO: Google
4. Simplicity: Leonardo da Vinci: Painter
5. Break things: Mark Zuckerberg CEO: Facebook
6. Making a dent in the universe: Steve Jobs Apple
7. Failure is an option: Elon Musk: Tesla Motors
8. A Culture of failure: Jeff Bezos CEO: Amazon
9. Doing the most important thing? Mark Zuckerberg:


1. People care about what you build.
2. Carve out thinking time.
3. Ask the important questions.
4. Throw things at the wall and see what sticks.
5. Be an expert at one thing.
6. Your niche market
7. Describe your start-up projects
8. Make usable products.
9. Set your money on autopilot
10. Defining a future and goal setting
11 Product engagement and market take over
12. Keeping lists



1. Being busy; a form of laziness
2. Being overwhelmed by work.
3. Lack of time / lack of priorities.
4. Leveraging the most important commodity.
5. Bypassing knowledge for workable methods.
6. Deconstruct, Selection, Sequencing and Stakes
7. The Pareto Principle
8. Doing the opposite and doing it backwards.
9. Time consumers and time wasters
10. Produce stuff that people need, that no one else does.
11. Do the two or three most important things first.
12. Effectiveness vs Efficiency
13. The Law of the Thinning Air and Making Money


1. Creating a definite future.
2. The 10 X greater product and escape all competition.
3. Progress without planning is evolution.
4. Every start-up begins with a small market.
5. Are you starting with a big share of a small market?
5. Don’t disrupt, avoid competition.
6. Monopolization better than competition.
7. Globalizers vs Innovators
8. Start something brand new. Don’t improve the old.
9. Create breakthrough not incremental improvements?
10. Create what is of value decade later.
11 Is now the right time to start your business?
12. Do you have the right team?
13. Delivering your product.
14. Identifying opportunity that others don’t see


1. Spotting the Forming Wave
2. Hacking, Jumping, Transferring Ladders of Success
3. Simplicity
4. Big causes attract big believers, investors and capital;
5. Creating the better not just the bigger product.

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