How The Church Functions in Twelve Steps

  1. God funnels all that He has, all that He is,and all that He wants to do into the church by means of His riches.
  2. The riches are in a mystery form inside of Christ.
  3. Mysteries are the doctrines of God’s patterns and administrations of His kingdom, will, and counsels.
  4. They are also the Christ and the riches, blessings, and treasures, of God deposited inside of Him.
  5. As Christ is revealed, these riches are revealed alongside with Him.
  6. The fullness of God is the revealed Christ.
  7. The revealed Christ becomes the object of the church.
  8. The revealed Christ becomes the foundation of the local church where it builds upon.
  9. The church grows into the revealed Christ in all things. This is the internal growth of the church.
  10. The external growth of the church is to thrust or propel this revealed Christ in His invisible riches outside of the church via spiritual gifts as visible glory.
  11. The church then becomes a center of revival in the community where it is placed.
  12. Praise is produced through mankind back to God as His glory is manifested through the church

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