Fifty Ideas To Improve The World!

These are my notes tonight as I listened to entrepreneur, Peter Diamandis.

I am thinking of doing a seminar which combines my ideas with the ones of these great entrepreneurs.

Fifty Ideas To Improve The World!
1. The God confidence leverage
2. The God surrender leverage
3. The law of faith leverage
4. The cross of Christ leverage
5. The Christ is all in all leverage
6. God’s starting point and military march leverage
7. The river of God leverage
8. The working out all things leverage
9. Ministry out of the mysteries of God leverage
10. The family idolatry leverage
11. The spiritual gift leverage
12. The gut feeling leverage
13. The generosity leverage
14. The binding leverage
15. Become a super connector
16. Become a super networker
17. Radical hospitality
18. Radically customer centric: Jeff Bezos
19. Become a mentor
20. Solve a problem for a billion people Peter Diamandis
21. Extreme isolation to innovate through authority and autonomy: Peter Diamandis
22. Start small and iterate. Peter Diamandis
23. Have a massively transformative purpose Peter Diamandis
24. Solving the earth’s grand challenges. Peter Diamandis
25. Where should I think global and exponential? Peter Diamandis
26. What can be digitized, dematerialized and democratized”? Peter Diamandis
27. Fail Often – Jeff Bezos
28. Go 10 times bigger rather than 10 percent: Astro Teller
29. Effectiveness vs Efficiency: Tim Ferris
30. The Law of the Thinning Air: Tim Ferris
31. Globalizers vs Innovators: Peter Thiel
32. Start something brand new.
33. Create breakthrough not incremental improvements!
34. Carve out thinking time.
35. Ask the important questions.
36. Throw things at the wall and see what sticks. Mark Zuckerberg
37. Be an expert at one thing.
38. Find niche market
39. Make usable products.
40. Set your money on autopilot: Tim Ferris
41. Create the future Peter Diamandis
42. Take a lot of notes!
43. Bypass knowledge for workable methods. Tim Ferris
44. Spotting the Forming Wave: Shane Snow
45. Hack procedures for results
46. Big causes attract big believers, investors and capital; Shane Snow
47. Franchise and replicate what you can
48. Simplicity: Leonardo Da Vinci
49. Superior delivery on your product
50. Crowdfunding Peter Diamandis

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