Entrepreneurial Thoughts

Develop the simple.
Ask the good questions.
Produce what is hands on and what can be replicated.
What can you easily market?
Make time to create ideas.
have a notebook and write down everything.
Monetize your ideas.
Have a blog.
Create a YouTube channel.
Become a social connector and networker. 
Have a camera.
Be an expert at something.
Don’t follow the crowd for its usually wrong.
Become a virtual assistant.
Stop listening to the media and politicians.
Solutions, solutions, solutions. Be a solution creator
Reinvent yourself.
TV is a waste of time. read a lot instead. Cutting edge life
Become a lateral thinker.
Put method to achieve rather than getting incremental knowledge.
Leverage methods.
Take big things and deconstruct into smaller doable things.
create functional things.
Develop the gift within.

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