The How To Minister in the Holy Spirit Seminar?

This is a South Florida Seminar

Next Saturday, September 6 2014.

Session One: Introduction to Ministry in the Spirit

  • You Need to be Pickled! What is Biblical Baptism?
  • To Be in Christ is To Be in the Book: What It Means to be Born Again?
  • How To Know The Will of God? Derek Prince’s Three Buoys.
  • Getting Healed of the Two Diseases which Afflict the Church: The Passive Mind Disease and the Butt Magnet Disease.
  • What has the church failed to understand about Holy Spirit Ministry? Spirit ministry is a military march where no stone can be left unturned

Session Two: The ABC’s of Holy Spirit Ministry

  • Understanding the still small voice of God!
  • If you are dead then who is the one speaking?
  • The key to the breakthrough is stepping out on the tiniest hunches.
  • Open your mouth and God fills it prophetically!
  • The key to all spiritual gifts: Gut feeling or intuitive knowledge. The spirit functions first by knowledge and not understanding.
  • The Principle of the Red Dress: The key to Holy Spirit Ministry.
  • The importance of knowing ever gift and ministry which Christ has placed in you
  • Understanding the greatness of the power in you
  • Understanding the authority of the power in you. Popeye the Sailor Man and his spinach is how the power of God functions in you

Session Three: Doing the Stuff!

  • Ministry cannot be according to circumstances
  • Ministry must be restricted to the voice of God
  • Ministry must be in total dependency to the Holy Spirit.
  • The Perfect Ministry Model: Jesus Christ’s
  •  Activation and One on One Hands On Ministry Time!!!

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