Who Are The Goliath’s Your Mind

My wife got an awesome vision which set me free.

She saw a Goliath in my mind.

God has been dealing with four strongholds, better said, giant Goliaths in my mind, for many years.

These notorious four have been, pride, bitterness, independence from God, that is doing my own thing, and fear.

Independence from God has been the peskiest one to go, the most deadly, and has forced God to deal with me on many issues for many years.

Yesterday, God showed my wife David picking up a stone of glory, hurling deep into the head and mind of Goliath, and killing him.

She did that to me.

At about midnight, God woke me up and dealt with the spirit of independence.

I felt I finally saw the Goliath in my life, slump over and die.

Now I feel free, and ready to go God‘s ways on all things, knowing His ways are always the best, albeit not the easiest.

Who are the Goliaths in your mind which need a stone of Gods glory hurled deep into their foreheads?

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