What Is The Difference Between Different?

Luke 9:29  And as he prayed, the fashion of his countenance was altered ( heteros), and his raiment was white and glistering.

Altered, is the word heteros.

Heteros is something whose inward nature and essence are intrinsically different, such as an apple is different to a bear, who is then heteros to a rock.

The other word for different, allos, discusses about being different between things have  the same nature. Hence, an apple is different to a pear who’s allos from a grape.

Jesus, become heteros when his disciples  saw His glory  on the mountain.

If we are to be totally made whole, the wholeness must be achieved first in our inner man or spirit.

There must be a process of heteros as to the very core of our being, who we are.

The I in us is no longer identified with a cultural preference, social beliefs, political persuasion,  wealth or a state of mind.

If being a social justice Christian is the transformation and or identity that we are looking to rest on we will never ever be made whole.

We will not be salt on this earth. Our Christianity will remain insipid and not different to the world system.

The I, must be Christ Jesus, who is unidentifiable and untouchable with anything on this earth.

The inner core, the inner being of the person, must realize the process of heteros.

It’s analogous to the butterfly’s struggle to break out of the cocoon after the process of heteros from a caterpillar.

Physical wholeness is the outward manifestation of inward heteros as to our core being, our core identity, until who we are is only Christ Jesus in us.

Heteros are not things. Heteros is another Person who functions in a heteros humanity.

Heteros must take place until who you are is simply a shell, vessel, or temple for the glorified Christ in you to live and act.

The poison inside of you must all come out until the process of heteros actualizes and what is left in you is Christ Jesus the hope of Glory.

When you have experienced heteros as to the very core of your being, you will be made progressively whole in soul and body.

If you are a revivalist, you cannot bring true revival until your inner core has been revived by heteros.

If you are to powerfully function in a healing ministry, you will not be able to do so, until your inner core being, through the process of heteros. has been made whole and powerful in the image of Christ.

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