“We shall be magnified in you according to our rule, into abundance.”

2Co 10:15 not boasting of things beyond our own measure, that is, of other men’s labors; but having hope that, when your faith has increased, we shall be magnified in you according to our rule abundantly,

Greek: “We shall be magnified in you according to our rule, into abundance.”

 I am realizing that God’s purpose in taking one through times of financial testing, if that person is faithful in honoring God through his or her generous giving, is to bring that one into a place of abundance.

Financial tests if successfully overcome in obedience to the will of God, are meant to give you an eventual breakthrough into great abundance.

The spirit that God creates in you to overcome financial testing is the same spirit that then will gradually break you in the realm of abundance, which is God’s default nature.

Scarcity, poverty, weakness and infirmity are not the will of God.

Yet God will many times take our weaknesses in these and make them our greatest strengths.

If you can overcome, scarcity and poverty by God’s Spirit, I would not be surprised if you learn to function in great abundance.

Look at the life of Joseph after overcoming 13 years of scarcity in the dungeon.

I also think that the greatest abundance comes to the one who learns to looks solely to God to fulfill His needs.

Not that God sometimes will not ask us to make our needs known to others, for He does.

But ultimately, the man or the woman of God who wants to function in the miracle provision which God gives, must walk on the waters of faith, looking to God alone.

It’s in getting to the brink of those waters, where you think you will drown, and see God faithfully come through, that you learn to believe for more and more and more.

If we look to people for money, we will always be limited.

I also say that this is the definition of poverty.

If you learn to look only to God, you enter into the realm of transcendental and limitless possibilities.

John Natale had an awesome commentary which impacted me.


John Natale Ministries

“You’ll never be financially prosperous if you keep reminding yourself and others that you have lack.”

In conclusion, there is a level of growth of faith, slow as it may be, that will eventually bring you into abundance, as Paul says in the scripture above.

But for that to happen, you can’t hold back from God at any level or any place.

Where He says give, you give.

Where He says, surrender, you surrender.

Where He says, you walk on water, you walk.

But all is meant by God to bring you where you can believe, walk in, and receive abundance, which once again I say, is His default state.

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