Pain Is Our Throne

The depths of sin are complex.

Our fixation with embracing pain keeps us sitting on the throne of our lives.

I am convinced that the root of sin is pain, and that all sin is a way to medicate pain.

Our obsession with embracing pain allows us to maintain a negative attention, a negative focus, upon ourselves.

As long as I am engrossed with my pain, I am absorbed with myself.

As long as I am focused on myself I regulate the throne of my life. It feels good to be in control.

Pain keeps me ruling. She is my right hand man.

What a scary thing not to have pain!

I can’t be absorbed with me!

Where did I go?

What will I do?

How will I spend my time if I can’t think of me?

I can’t pamper myself.

Others won’t feel sorry for me.

I can’t stumble for the millionth time, so that I can pray for myself once again.

I can’t ask Christ to deliver me for the umpteenth time.

I can’t go to the prayer line and receive ministry one more time.

Oh, no! The focus is off me!

Really, part of me doesn’t want to be free.

Most destructive habit patterns are mechanisms that will make me fail,  lock me into the pain of failure, so that I continue to be delivered.

Depression and self-pity, keeps us in the house of pain so that the focus can be on us.

Christ Jesus lives in painlessness.

The day that we are done with pain is the day that we allow Him to assume the throne of our heart.

Transformation in Christ is a journey to freedom from pain so that the entire emphasis becomes Christ and not me.

There comes a day, if you want it, when you will allow the gloriously transcendental and painless Christ to flow with ease through your life.

All things become possible.

This is the day when you trust Christ and not yourself.

This is the day when you surrender all.

I think that it was the great Catholic mystic, John of the Cross, who said that there comes a day, if we want it, when we depart from the house of pain to proceed into union with Christ.

At that point you dissolve into, lose yourself, and become one with the immense flowing river of Christ’s love, life and glory.

What a glorious thing to become one with the river which proceeds from the throne of God and who is God.

This is true union with God, and it comes to those who are valiant enough to leave the house of pain and themselves behind.

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