God Loves The Very Wealthy And The Very Poor, Equally.

I was reminded today that our God loves the very rich, and the very poor, equally.

A few years back I was asked to pray for a very wealthy man, who was dying from an incurable form of cancer which afflicts a tiny fraction of the global population.

His family had assembled friends and business associates for a farewell party at his mansion. His priest, doctors, and many others were present.

As a mariachi band played for him, he, his kids, and wife, tightly embraced as one, tears freely streaming down their faces.

My heart broke at the realization of how deeply God loved these people.

This notion that God dislikes the immensely wealthy is pure garbage.

To God, people are people and He loves them all, deeply.

Needless to say, I prayed for this man in a gorgeous living room surrounded by expensive paintings. Many gathered around us.

Cancer is a demon, and must many a time be treated with spiritual violence.

I closed my eyes, and screamed at the cancer and the demon scared to open them up to face a mostly Catholic and unchurched crowd.

But when I did there was not a dry eye in the house.

The man went to into the hospital for an experimental treatment.

Between the prayer and the treatment, he was healed and is alive and well today.

A few days later, I left to Kenya where I ministered to the Massais in their cow dung huts called manatas.

I feel totally comfortable going from the mansion of the millionaire to the manata of the Maasai, for so does Jesus.

God loves the very rich and the very poor equally.

Banish all religious poverty concepts out of your minds!

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