Fruit Bearing

Col 1:5  For the hope which is laid up for you in heaven, whereof ye heard before in the word of the truth of the gospel;

Col 1:6  Which is come unto you, as it is in all the world; and bringeth forth fruit, as it doth also in you, since the day ye heard of it, and knew the grace of God in truth:

These are remarkable scriptures. They tell us much of how we should live as believers, as well as manage our local assemblies.

The gospel, in its written “logos” form, and through the spoken “rhema word” is a fruit-bearing dynamo.  Fruit bearing in the kingdom of God is made up of two dynamic features.  God always begins by working first in our spirits, and outward to our bodies, bringing spirit, soul, and body into the loving subjection of His voice. The word of God has the dynamic ability to first work inwardly in each of us, sanctifying us and filling us with God’s presence.

The infilling of God’s presence through His word then works outwardly to produce our spiritual gifts and ministries and compels us to go into all of the world for Christ’s sake. This is the two fold fruit bearing operation of the Word of God.

Fruit bearing through the word of God must meet two requirements if its two fold dynamic power is to be functional in us.  The end of verse six in Colossians says, “and knew the grace of God in truth:” The word “knew” is the Greek word “epiginosko”.  This word describes knowledge, which probes, and is thorough, accurate, and complete. So much so that this type of knowledge transforms us.

Of course, we won’t attain to a full knowledge of the things of God until we end up in eternity.  But our earthly motivation should be ever to grow more and more into this accurate, thorough, knowledge of God.

Secondly, is the word “truth”. The Greek word “aleithia” or truth, describes what is genuine, accurate, and in accordance with facts.  We must so know the word of God to comprehend fully the facts about God. We must quarry the gold mines of the gospel deeply to know accurately and comprehensively the genuineness of the things of God.  For us to benefit from the dynamic fruit bearing qualities of the gospel we must know it in full knowledge and truth.

God will not free us if what we think to be truth, is not. Our opinions are not worth a hill of beans if they don’t line up with the word of God.

Many teachings today are based on opinions and not the truth of the Bible.

They will do little in your life, and lead into greater error.

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