Access All Areas

“God wants to give mankind re access in to paradise, and yet man is angry with God, because of this.”

There was an excellent jazz group 70’ and 80’a by the name of Spyro Gyra.

Their live album is called “Access All Areas”.

Spyro Gyra is still one of the best live jazz groups of all times.

The word access is a fascinating one.

Everybody wants to access something.

Google dictionary defines it as the right to approach, enter a place, and have the opportunity to use or benefit from something.

 Eph 3:8  To me, the very least of all saints, was this grace given, to preach to the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ,

9  and to make all men see what is the administration of the mystery which for ages has been hidden in God, who created all things through Jesus Christ;

11  according to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord;

12  in whom we have boldness and access in confidence through our faith in him.

God is a God of mega access, who wants his children to access the things of His kingdom.

We see how verse twelve leaps up into verse eight.

We have bold access to God’s riches by the confidence which unwavering faith brings.

The trick is that God’s riches are unsearchable because they cannot be accessed through the physical senses.

God has hidden them since Adam and Eve disobeyed Him in the garden, and gave us re access when Christ came.

When the age of sin was introduced, man lost access to the things of God in the Garden of Eden. This garden was a physical representation of a portion of heaven.

I am convinced that the Garden of Eden is a representation of a reality in heaven where the Tree of Life dwells.

God’s pinnacle of creation was man and woman.

In His eternal mindset God desired to have an element of His creation that He could share His love and friendship with.

Love shares all good things with the one whom is loved.  Love that cannot be shared is not love.

Through Adam and Eve, God desired to share eternities of His glory with man.

Adam and Eve were not only created in the image of God. They were created as eternal beings in order to be able to freely access and partake with God of His eternal riches.

Every object in the Garden of Eden was flawless in its function, incorruptible in its nature, and eternal in its duration.

It’s funny that the Garden where Adam and Eve were at was called Eden. The word hedonism comes from Eden and is the doctrine that pleasure and happiness is the highest good. Eden means pleasure.  When we experience an absence of sinful bondages we live in the highest and purest form of pleasure.  This is the pleasure of God’s type of life, which is eternal in its nature, freely flowing to people. Therefore the highest pleasure available to man is the enjoyment of God through Jesus Christ. And God is always in a good mood, because pure love can only exude happiness.

The root of sin is pain and fear, which pain brings.

Sin has removed us from the Garden of Eden or Pleasure and transported us into the Garden of Pain. God wants to give us re access into the Garden of Pleasure and we are ticked off with Him, because we so identify with pain. We feel vulnerable and unworthy to be in a place of love and pleasure. So we shake our fist at Him and demand to be separated from Him so that we can continue to nurse our pain.

Gen 2:16   Yahweh God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;

17  but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.”

 Joh 17:3  This is eternal life, that they should know you, the only true God, and him whom you sent, Jesus Christ.

God kicked out Adam and Eve because of sin, and the rest is history.

Eden represents God’s eternal mindset for created man.

Gen 2:16   Yahweh God commanded the man, saying, “Of every tree of the garden you may freely eat;

17  but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not eat of it; for in the day that you eat of it you will surely die.”

God cannot give sinful human beings physical access to this heavenly place lest they access it in their sinful condition, corrupt its flawlessness by sin, and eat from the tree of life and become eternal sinners. What a dangerous position.

Thus God kicked Adam and Eve out from the Garden.

He also made it inaccessible by making it invisible so that corrupt men could not tamper with it for their own sinful purposes.

Can you imagine politicians having access into God’s invisible things?

Today God’s kingdom is only accessed by revelation and by those who have the Spirit of Christ.

Those who have the Spirit of Christ have re access into the eternal things of God.

One day God’s kingdom will be totally visible once that sin has been abolished and man has re access to eternal life.

The total visibility of all heavenly places will only occur in heaven.

When Christ came He gave man re access to all of these places, but only through Him and only by revelation. When He abolishes sin, access will come back through our physical senses but only in a sinless body.


 The Garden of Eden is made up of pragmas.

There are different worlds which God has created. There is this visible natural world call the earth and there are the ages or worlds of God in the invisible realm.

All worlds, either visible or invisible are made up of objects of things which take up space and make up these worlds.

Just because something cannot be seen does not make it not real.

Whereas on the earth many matters, business or affairs are still in process or development, in heaven, and in the Garden of Eden everything (a pragma) is completed, pristine and in perfectly ordered fashion.

Ro 16:2 That ye receive her in the Lord, as becometh saints, and that ye assist her in whatsoever business( pragma) she hath need of you: for she hath been a succourer of many, and of myself also.

 1Co 6:1 Dare any of you, having a matter ( pragma) against another, go to law before the unjust, and not before the saints?

The scriptures show that pragmas are both a tangible object and a business affair.

Heb 10:1 For the law having a shadow of good things to come, and not the very image of the things ( pragma), can never with those sacrifices which they offered year by year continually make the comers thereunto perfect.

 Heb 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things (pragma) not seen.

In the  two above scriptures the writer states that quite unlike the laws of Moses the very image of the things in the eternal ages which come continually upon the earth are pragmas or completed matters.

This is why there is no sickness in heaven.

God wants to give us access into all areas.

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