14 Reasons to Relocate to Goshen; the Church’s Land of Prosperity.

Ge 45:10  and thou shalt dwell in the land of Goshen, and thou shalt be near unto me—thou, and thy children, and thy children’s children, and thy flocks and thy herds and all that thou hast.

 Gen 47:5  And Pharaoh spake unto Joseph, saying, Thy father and thy brethren are come unto thee:

6  The land of Egypt is before thee; in the best of the land make thy father and brethren to dwell; in the land of Goshen let them dwell: and if thou knowest any men of activity among them, then make them rulers over my cattle.

 Gen 47:27  And Israel dwelt in the land of Egypt, in the country of Goshen; and they had possessions therein, and grew and multiplied exceedingly.

 Exodus 8:22  And I will sever in that day the land of Goshen, in which my people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there; to the end thou mayest know that I am the LORD in the midst of the earth.

 Exodus 9:26  Only in the land of Goshen, where the children of Israel were, was there no hail.

I read an article by Todd Bentley concerning Goshen.

  1. Goshen was a region in northern Egypt, east of the lower Nile, where the children of Israel lived from the time of Joseph to the time of Moses.
  2. This land was blessed and protected by God in an amazing ways.
  3. This is where Israel re settled during the great famine of Joseph’s time, being just a handful, and then grew and multiplied.
  4. Goshen was smack in the middle of the land of sin and idolatry, Egypt, and not in the confines of the country of Israel.
  5. God is enthusiastically more active outside the church than inside. His greatest blessings on the church is in spiritual Goshen, or as the church ministers in the unchurched marketplace of Egypt.
  6. God is touching the hearts of many unchurched through love, prayer and friendships, with people who don’t quite realize who He is.
  7. The great harvest of souls is here. Yet it will not be realized as Christians only minister to other Christians.
  8. The abundance of God is promised to those who will harvest, not to those who do not harvest.
  9. Spiritual Goshen is not found in Israel, it’s in Egypt. Goshen is not found inside the church, but outside of her. Goshen is the church, executing the kingdom of God in the unchurched market place.
  10. All that is needed to minister in Goshen is availability and flexibility. Just step into the market place and see what God will do through you, but by golly, do step out.
  11. God is creative and will use you in Goshen according to your personality. Be uniquely you and let God flow through you.
  12. Talking about revival and praying for revival without doing anything about revival is a waste of time.
  13. If your ministry is only to church folks you will develop (CBS); chronic boredom syndrome.
  14. What is a ghetto? It is the place that is created when Christians minister exclusively to other Christians without ever relocating to Goshen.

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