So Quit Being Dumbed Down!

Many a time God will sacrifice the material to produce the spiritual.

We Christians press God for a wife or a husband. We want a promotion in employment or an open door to ministry. We become upset with God, depressed with circumstances, or envious of a neighbor who owns what we want.

It is difficult to understand the mind of God. Quite often He works opposite to us.

We want the thing now: “Lord gives me a better job!”

“Lord, I’m tired of being single, bring me a husband.’”

“Jesus what about my ministry?”

As we mandate from God, He gently tells us, “Get to the level of spiritual maturity that can handle what you want and I’ll open the door to you.”

The only thing that really matters is our spirit man. It is the spirit man that will last forever. It is in our spirit that the Holy Spirit lives. The devil can inject lying thoughts into our minds and emotions, but the spirit is impenetrable.

A human being is spirit, soul and body.  In a spiritual Christian, her spirit becomes the strongest, the most dominant part of her. The soul of the Christian, made up of the mind, will, and emotion must be submitted to the voice of the Holy Spirit in her spirit. The submitted soul then pulls the physical body to obey God’s voice.

Because God knows that the key to victory lies in conducting our lives by the leading of the Holy Spirits in our spirits, He will sacrifice the material, the carnal, to develop and manifest the spiritual.

The cross of Christ is God’s lone surgical instrument to can carry out this. When Jesus tells the Christian to pick up her cross and follow Him, He commands her to pick up the instrument of death. The cross was a place for murderers to die upon.

The cross of Christ cuts, slices, and destroys the carnal habits in our soul and flesh, causing them to die, so that the spirit can emerge strong and governing of the rest of our body.

With every act of obedience to a prompting of the Holy Spirit, the cross of Christ will root out carnal habits and will cause the spirit to emerge and manifest in power and freedom.

It is no wonder that the devil deceives the church to not to teach on the cross.  The hyper grace message of blessings, the “Love Wins” theology, the prosperity message, or even Face Book and Twitter will never produce healthy and sound Christians if the cross of Christ is not central.

The devil is more than happy to tempt us in becoming spiritual mall Christians shopping for churches by worship service types, children programs, and tailored preaching styles, as long as we are oblivious to the cross.

He will accommodate us with the latest models of smart phones, reality shows, or I pads, if it will distract us from understanding and embracing the cross.

The devil knows well that the only route to his defeat is by the voice of the Spirit in our spirits. If we try to overthrow him by our mental plans or emotional strategies, he will whip us every time. No wonder people see the church as irrelevant to them. The church is to be salty and make the world thirsty for God. We are to challenge it to something greater than what it has.  If if we are not salty, because our spirit man is not manifest by the cross, the world finds us boring, and rightfully so.

The sword of God’s Spirit, is the voice of God in our spirits. It is only the sword of God which defeats the devil. If our spirits do not become the strongest part of us, the devil has us licked. He is more than happy to indulge us with all things entertainment and technology.  He knows that our fascination with these will draw us away from the work of obedience and the cross of Christ which will manifest the Holy Spirit in our spirits and whip him.

The work of the cross is difficult and exacting. It takes time and intimacy with the Lord, the study of the Word, and continuing obedience to the voice of the Spirit.

Four G networks, I Seven processors, mega rams, mega pixels, and blinding fast speeds are all good, if we know that God does not work like this. He is not the God of shortcuts.

Freedom in Christ and the power of God through our manifested spirit man, occur gradually with assiduousness and devotion to the Lord. If the devil can dumb down the church’s mind with technology’s lust for speed and shortcuts and apply this to its relationship to God, he will make it ineffective against him.

The devil is a conspirator par excellence. There are global human forces of evil which the devil manipulates. These forces never sleep. They are highly conspiratorial.  They work towards producing a one world governmental system through which the anti-Christ will materialize.

The devil has succeeded in dumbing America down with technology and entertainment, so if anyone questions what are these forces doing they are crucified as conspiracy theorists. One must be a conspiracy theorist, at least in part, to understand the mind of the devil.

Meanwhile the devil continues to conspire against a nation which is asleep on the pillow of technology and who becomes angry if awakened to be told that the devil is conspiring against her.

Personal and opinionated rights are another goodie which the devil delights in having.   In Christians, the issues of un yielded rights are a great hindrance to freedom. Truly the Christian is a bond slave of the Lord. His only right is the right to obey and serve God.

Meekness is not weakness. Meekness is the product of a life of yielded rights to God. The opposite of meekness is anger. Many a time when we see an angry Christian, we see somebody who refuses to yield his rights in obedience to God. He has drawn a line in the sand to God. “God”, he says, “I refuse to obey you in this and that.” If God urges him to surrender, terrible anger arises. A bad temper is a precursor to unyielded rights.

This kind of believer will never be free. Freedom comes in proportion to our yielding our rights to God. No wonder that Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth. God wants to give us everything, in proportion to how much we yield to Him, so that our spirits can emerge strong and victorious, and He can trust us with more and more.

The danger in America is that it’s a nation who values opinions, howbeit them be right or wrong, and personal rights which trump the rights to worship and serve God. This is the definition of arrogance. The devil jumps up and down with glee at how blind he has made us.

As along as a country finds its own rights more essential than the right to serve and worship its creator it remains blind, following the devil’s dance path.

When our spirits emerge however dominant we are manifested in the glorious liberty and power of Christ. This is what scares the devil. But if he succeeds in distracting the church through the charms of technology and entertainment, he promotes weak and bound Christians who are no match for him, since they don’t function from their spirit man.

He has succeeded in dumbing down America, even as we speak. I am a believer that if the antichrist would now appear, most of America would follow him.

Bu the keys are in the hands of the church. We must take the lead in this country and if we do, many will follow the Christ whom we manifest from our spirit man.

If I be lifted up, in your spirit man, says the Lord, I will draw all men unto me.

So, quit being dumbed down!

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