How Do I Plan For My Missions Trip? A Seminar !

The seminar is currently available in South and Central Florida.

The recommended time is from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, Saturday.

You may provide lunch, or attendees can visit nearby restaurants.

This seminar is free of charge, but a love offering is suggested.

Call us at 305.299.0633, contact us on social media.

Missions Are The Greatest !  We love meeting new people!  CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR DECISION !

Jose and Mary have been on the mission field for more than twenty years.

They lived in New Mexico with the Native American Nations for eight years.

They  lived in Africa with their four children and two dogs.

Mary was a missionary in Europe and  then communist Soviet Union.

The Alvarez have taken many missionary trips to South and Central America, the Caribbean, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania and seven trips to the northeast part of the nation.

This seminar will give you an overview of how to plan for your mission trip.

This seminar is totally interactive!

We are here to answer all of your questions!


  • How to gather information about the nation you want to visit?
  • What questions do you ask?
  • What about missionary organizations?
  • General planning strategies!
  • Your missionary team!
  • Exchanging currency!
  • Debit cards, cash, and travelers checks!
  • Visas!
  • Passports!
  • General costs for a trip!
  • Social media fundraising!
  • Email fundraising!
  • Missionary newsletters!
  • Or how do you pray in your money?
  • Airplane tickets and best times to fly!
  • Recommended vaccinations!
  • Travel insurance!
  • Forms with the State Department that can expedite your travel!
  • How to pack, and what to take?
  • Travelling tips!
  • Foreign languages and Rosetta Stone language courses !
  • Jet lag and layovers!
  • Customs hassles!
  • Missionary etiquette!
  • Becoming “missionary smart and savvy” in the country that you travel in.
  • Purchasing goods in foreign countries!
  • Filling custom forms at the airport and on the airplane!
  • Malaria pills versus insect repellant!
  • And much more…….


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