God Gives Money On Airplanes

We got to our gate in Bogotá on Friday to board our flight back to Miami. There, we briefly struck up a conversation with a lady, who is a Christian just like us. We bid her farewell as we boarded the plane.

As the passengers boarded the flight, this lady ended up sitting across me in one of the aisles. The plane that we were on has the two aisles and the middle section of seats.

To my amazement her seats had been changed in the last minute and so had ours and now she had ended across me.

We realized that this was what we call a “divine appointment” from God.

I spent three and half hours talking with her about the things of God.

As we landed in Miami, she said to me, “Wait, God told me to do something”. With that she scrimmages  into her purse and pulled out six one hundred-dollar bills.

Little did she know that we were about one thousand dollars short on our funds for our Flagstaff trip in just two days.

God is great and likes to give money on airplanes!

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