“Couldest not thou watch one hour?”

The Word of God is always truthful.

I have heard many say, “So how do you know  the Bible is true and not full of errors?

The God, whom I follow with love and friendship, perfectly shadows what the Bible says. Or conversely, everything that is in the Bible, the God whom I follow, honors and perfectly fulfills.  I can put my faith in any verse in this wondrous  book and be assured that it will become reality, if I am obedient to the voice of the Spirit. This is one indelible litmus test of the authenticity of God’s Word.

Why did Jesus ask his disciples to stay awake and pray one hour, then?  Years back, I thought that this was a feat in heavy weight spirituality. I’d see myself as a Spiritual Terminator clinching my Bible while bellowing “I’ll be back!”

Now, I am bit less insecure.

So since we know that God follows His Word seamlessly, why did Jesus mention the one hour mark as if a magic panacea?

I am not sure, but this I can say. Any time that I have prayed at least one hour or more, something really impactful, eventful and important occurs.

There is a huge difference in praying for half an hour and praying for an hour and half. For me it seems that the breakthrough begins at about the half hour mark. If I am still praying into the one hour, I am assured that God is answering in some big way.

I am not a legalist. This is not a golden calf cast in concrete.

Try it for yourself. It will probably take days, weeks or even months where getting to the one hour mark, while on your knees , becomes something not only endurable, but enjoyable.

I can essentially guarantee that within the 30 minute mark you will begin in flowing into the place of breakthrough. By the one hour mark, breakthrough, healings, answers, freedom and open doors will be manifesting, and Jesus smiling in His still small voice will whisper, “You could watch with me for one hour!”

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