What Is Aorist Faith?

Mt 21:22 And <2532> all things <3956>, whatsoever <302> <3745> ye shall ask (AITEOO) <154> (5661) (AORIST) in <1722> prayer <4335>, believing <4100> (5723), ye shall receive <2983> (5695).

In these instructions of Jesus we observe certain things from the Greek. The word “ask” is the Greek word “aiteoo”. Here, the Lord is not speaking about offering generalized prayers but specific petitions and requests. God delights our asking for specific petitions and will answer every one of them if they are brought to Him in faith.

“Aiteoo” in the Greek aorist tense. This verb tense is magnificent, one which is not found in our English. More than being a simple past tense, the aorist is defined as the puncticular tense.

The puncticular is just as it sounds; a punctuation.

It is a punctuation mark on the timeline of passing history.

It defines a completed event.

Whereas our past tense describes the event as something which has passed, the aorist views it as a snapshot or a digitalized photograph of the whole incident in our mind’s eye.

This is critical in our learning to function by faith and obtain powerful results.

Mt 9:29 Then <5119> touched he <680> (5662) their <846> eyes <3788>, saying <3004> (5723), According <2596> to your <5216> faith <4102> be it (BECOME) <1096> (5676) ( AORIST) unto you <5213>.

Everything that Jesus commanded done He spoke it bythe aorist tense.

Jesus’ faith operates in completed photographs of tangible events, entities or realities. When He spoke to leper to be cleansed, He did it in the aorist tense. When He spoke the words of cleansing into the air, the aorist faith of the completed event flooded into the man and healed him.

Hebrews 11:33 ) Through faith <4102> we understand <3539> (5719) that the worlds <165> ( AIOON) were framed <2675> (5771) ( AORIST) by the word <4487> of God <2316>, so <1519> that things which <3588> are seen <991> (5746) were <1096> <0> not <3361> made <1096> (5755) of <1537> things which do appear <5316> (5730).

Hebrews 11:3 teaches us that the worlds are framed by the word of God.

The worlds, “aioon”, defines successive, continual effects of the Kingdom of heaven invading our earthly kingdom at every moment of every hour.

These uninterrupted intrusions of heaven are framed by what we say.

The word framed, is just as it says. As a painting needs a frame to adjust it,  give it unity, and allow it to be hung for exhibition, so also the word of God creates, molds, and frames the successive, continuing invasions of the kingdom of heaven by what we say and brings it to pass by faith.

When we pray in aorist faith, what we frame with our mouths are completed events which come to pass by faith.

Try praying like that. Our whole life of faith should be lived in the aorist tense.

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