A Preacher’s Honorarium

The offering and honorarium that was given to Mary and me at the last day of the Bible conference in Masat ( Siaya District/ Home to Mr. Obama and family) of the conference was amazing.

People brought baskets of casaba, corn, beans, clothes, and a pair of reading glasses.  Our eyes welled up with tears when an old lady brought three eggs in a bag of cellophane and another equally old lady bowed down before the offering basket and placed twenty cents into it.

We were also presented with a goat which Mary named Sedaka Mtakatatifu (Holy Offering) and a chicken that she named Masat Sedaka (Masat offering).

Mary’s goat was left in Ugunja, Kenya so that he could assist in the manufacturing of baby goats. He will always be Mary’s and she looks forward to seeing him on her coming visits.

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