You Prescribe God’s Medicine

1 Cor 12:9   To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit;

The gifts of healing – “ Charismata iamaton”

The more dominant word “to heal” in the NT is “iaomai”. The other term for healing is “therapeou”, from where our word therapy derives. It is the therapy of God that can heal somebody. “Iaomai’, on the other hand hinges closer to a cure

The noun “iamaton” comes from the verb “iaomai.” The WorldNet Princeton dictionary says this.  A cure is the end of a medical condition

In 1Cor 12:9 Paul uses the word “iamaton” for the “gifts of healing”.

This rare word only appears three times in the NT. “Iamaton” defines the prescribed medicine (noun) which causes the cure.

When you pray for someone’s healing recognize that as you minister, you dispense through your hands, the perfect medicine of God to produce the cure. It’s all a matter of faith.

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