You Can Be As Certain as What The Bible Says As You Are About A Dress Being Red

This is a thread excerpt from a discussion on our “Religion Think Tank.”

For the Christian religion I propose that understanding the Word of God, God Himself, or the things of God is as un abstract as seeing a girl with a red dress, and knowing immediately that her dress is red.

In the case of the girl with the red dress, our natural senses working with knowledge allow us to know that her dress is red. Notice, that I used the word to know. God uses the very same faculty of knowing in conjunction with our spiritual senses.

The Christian religion says the following. Man is spirit, soul and body. Adam, was in fact, a spiritual being living in a human body.

God is a Spirit.  Adam conversed or spoke to God, spirit to spirit. When sin came in, the relationship between God and Adam was broken and his spirit literally died or became inactive. The effect of sin, separates man from talking to God. Man’s spirit becomes dead in relationship to God.

When man accepts Jesus Christ, Christ comes into man via the Holy Spirit into his spirit.  His spirit is revived and he is again able to hear and converse with God.

As there are natural senses, there are spiritual senses. With the revived spirit, man can hear, see and hear spiritually. The same faculty of knowing physically that the dress is red, is given by God in a spiritual dimension. As a matter of fact, the Spirit of God uses two types of knowledge in the spiritual, as we use two types of knowledge,  in the visible world.

First,  there is progressive knowledge.  This is the type of knowledge that one acquires in a college class as he learns from day to day. Secondly, God uses intuitive knowledge, which is the immediate knowledge that the girl’s dress is red. One does not need to go to college to learn that the girl’s dress is red.

This is why there are not many interpretations to the Bible.

Secondly, the knowledge of  truth about God does not need to be abstract, because of this.

A man  or woman with a restored spirit, who has God speaking and living in their spirits, hears the spirit of God in conjunction with progressive and intuitive knowledge and can understand the Bible and the things of God in exactly the same way that he can know and understand that the girl’s dress is red.  One is physical intuitive knowledge, and one is spiritual intuitive knowledge.  When a person looks at the red dress, he does not try to interpret the dress. He uses intuitive knowledge. When a person reads the Bible, He does not interpret it. The Holy Spirit in him, interprets it using spiritual intuitive knowledge, spirit to spirit.  The spirit will then reveal the knowledge of God to the brain of the man. You can be as certain about what God is speaking as you are about the dress being red. You can be as certain about what the Bible says as you are about the dress being red.

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